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Wayne Static - Surprisingly Prolific in Death

8 years ago this week, Wayne Static "surprisingly" passed away just days from his 50th Birthday.

Why the quotations? Well, supposedly he had beaten multiple addictions and his porn star wife claimed he was clean.

He was not and she would kill herself less than 2 years later.

Now listen, I loved Static X and the band was built around Wayne Static's vision. When he died, he should have taken the band with him. No matter how I felt about Static personally, I was under no delusions, I know the difference between Wayne Static and Frank Zappa, who's estate has released his music nearly every year since his death.

In 2020, I was conflicted over Static's friend Edsel Dope wearing a Wayne Static Death Mask and Wig while releasing Project Regeneration Volume 1 based around some old, isolated Wayne Static vocals.

Fast forward two years and Static X is on a World Tour and the band is working on Project Regeneration Volume 2, again based off of some old Wayne Static vocals that have been collecting dust in the basement of a warehouse. The Static X machine is so successful, former guitarist Tripp Eisen is trying to get back into the band.

Despite being nearly deaf, I wanted to check out ticket prices for the Cleveland Static X Tour Stop in 2023, and the venue is nearly sold out 6 months in advance.

For a Guy wearing a Wayne Static Death Mask...

Singing Wayne Static songs...

With the band that Wayne Static put together....

Nearly a decade after his death.

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