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When Putin Warns Against Nazis in 2021, He Means-

"Unfortunately, many of the ideologies of the Nazis, those who were obsessed with the delusional theory of their exclusiveness, are again trying to be put into service,” Putin said, without citing specifics. - May 8, 2021 AP



Putin is trying to sell to the world that Nazis are bad. (Which they are.)

Putin is also trying to sell you that the Ukraine is filled with Nazis. (Eh, that's where things get complicated.)

If you google Ukraine and Nazis, a surprisingly large number of articles appear.

Neo-Nazi Group The Base Linked to the War in Ukraine - VICE

This Ukranian Neo-Nazi Group is Recruiting on Facebook - Buzzfeed

Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Problem - Reuters

Neo-Nazis are on the March in Ukraine - The Nation

Ukraine is Where the Holocaust Began - The Washington Post

But here's the problems. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. Brothers with a long history of fighting with one another. The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, as bad as they are, aren't the German Nazis. The Ukrainian Nazis are not marching on any of their neighbors bent on world domination. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is NOT a Nazi.

Putin came out warning against Nazis as a precursor to War with the Ukraine. But Nazis don't run Ukraine and their numbers are in the thousands, not in the millions. Putin wants to weaken Ukraine by annexing the "Russian" parts like Crimea. The problem is, Ukraine does not want to lose any more of their sovereign lands. Ukraine has a right to exist.

Putin is now trying to take the moral high-ground by calling his Ukrainian Brothers, Nazis. His new angle wouldn't be annexing a sovereign land, but stopping Neo-Fascism.

Don't believe it. Putin's shadow war in Eastern Ukraine is about draining Ukraine's resources. Why doesn't Putin just roll over the Ukraine and be done with it? Because he doesn't want blow back from the international community. Right now, Putin is still willing to be patient with a propaganda war with his neighbor. Russia has the resources to play the long con.

The Patriot of Ukraine organization was dissolved during the mid 2010's. Yet its flag continues to turn up at Neo-Nazi marches. What are the chances of Nazis attacking Russia, from Ukraine, today, in 2021? ZERO.

If Russia occupies the Ukraine, it will have bought itself 50 years of "terrorism" problems. Using Putin's logic, any sovereign nation could attack its neighbor to protect a minority population against surges in right wing ideology.

That is a dangerous, dangerous precedent to set.

By that pretense, Mexico could invade the United States to protect their undocumented citizens against the thousands, (not millions), of Neo-Nazis in America.

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