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Why CNN is Complicit in Minneapolis Riots

Immediately after Daunte Wright was shot in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, his Mom took to social media and claimed the police pulled her son over for an "Air Freshener Violation."

48 hours later, CNN is STILL reporting "Air Freshener Violation."

Breaking at The Daily Mail:

The Daily Mail is attacking a terrible story from multiple angles.

CNN is SELLING you a story from one angle.

Even the Minneapolis locals know that CNN is moving an agenda and causing more harm than good.

As a libertarian-leaning website, we need to state, for the record, Duante Wright did not deserve to die at the hand of a Brooklyn Center Cop.


In the background, you can hear war drums. In the Donetsk Oblast and on the Taiwanese border. I want to put this article in a vault for 5 years and see how the "Air Freshener Narrative" ages.

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