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Why Trump's Blog Failed

When is the first time you learned of Businessman Donald Trump? For me it was probably Trump's first book Art of the Deal in 1987. According to the New Yorker:

"I wrote the Art of the Deal.... I put lipstick on a pig." - Tony Schwartz

As a matter of fact, almost all of Trump's books have either had Ghost Writers or "Co-Authors." The only books credited to solely Donald J. Trump are books like The Way to the Top, which is a book of quotes from OTHER BUSINESSMEN.

Donald Trump is only about Donald Trump. He's not burning the midnight oil like Aldous Huxley, churning out books with layers of thought or discourse.

Donald Trump was built for Twitter. He sees something he likes, or doesn't like, and he has 280 characters to say his peace. No matter what Chris Cillizza says, Trump is not Hitler, sweating over the smallest details of Mein Kampf. Trump uses Twitter like the Tourette's Syndrome of Literature, and then moves onto his next random thought.

Donald Trump's blog failed because it involved work and money.

Trump could have hired ghost writers, but that would taken money and effort. He could have grinded out some articles, but that wouldn't have been any fun. He didn't want to build a platform, because he doesn't really care what other people had to say.

It is that simple.

As writers such as Justin Rohrlich at the Daily Beast gleefully rejoice in the death of Trump's Blog, the left is, again, transfixed with all things Trump. Instead of treating Trump like a right-wing boogeyman, they need to let him fade away into the night.

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