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Wokey McWokerson

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I was at CNN and a video caught my eye: Comedians Against Riots

What is this crap? Apparently Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephan Colbert, and James Corden, all needed to unburden their souls and needed to get serious for a minute. The Capitol RIots were bad. Really bad.

You know what? Kind of tired of the same drumbeat from the 5 Left-Wing Corporate comedians that litter late night television. How about this?

Jimmy Fallon, you can keep your job. I believe that if Johnny Carson was alive today, your brand of comedy would be the closest to what he would consider an heir apparent. (Of course, if Carson was alive today, as Rick and Morty have pointed out, he would be 95 and praying for death.)

Seth Meyers, you're fired. Replaced by Lilly Singh.

Jimmy Kimmel, you're fired. Replaced by Eric Andre.

Stephan Colbert, you're fired. Replaced by Tim Allen.

James Corden, you're fired. Replaced by John Leguizamo.

There we go. One comedian to carry on the tradition of White, Corporate Left-Wing comedy, and 4 different voices. I'm confident that all of the above comedians would also condemn the Capitol Riots, but I guarantee you that all 4 wouldn't set aside their "differences" to get preachy and record Public Service Announcements.

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