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You Shall Be Avenged, Glenn Robertson

Glenn Robertson gave me my first job at Taco Bell at age 17. At my interview, he held a mirror under my nose and verified that the mirror fogged up.

Glenn's words stuck with me at age 18 when he screamed at me, and the other crew members, his face red and veins bulging, "I CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL YOU LITTLE BASTARDS TO BE REPLACED BY ROBOTS!!! MARK MY WORDS, ROBOTS WILL BE DOING YOUR JOBS IN 5 YEARS!!!"

The year was 1988.

Imagine my surprise when I was at the Drudge Report today:

A Young Tech CEO has to be right?


Don't be so sure.

Glenn passed in 2016. His vision of a completely robotic Taco Bell was never fulfilled. My son got his first job last week... at a grocery store. "No offense Dad, but I don't want to work in fast food. Especially not at Taco Bell.

Trust me, no offense taken.

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