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CNN's hit piece on Saint Teresa

For years I’ve heard defenders of FoxNews howl that as far right of center that they are is as far left of center CNN stands. I’ve always known that CNN tilts to the left, but never this far to the left…until today.

The tipping point for me wasn’t an attack on Trump, it wasn’t an irrational defense of Hillary Clinton, both of which CNN does on a near daily basis, it was an inexplicable column questioning Saint Teresa on the day she was canonized. I was so upset that I took a screen shot over at CNN at high Noon, Sept. 4, 2016.

It is here where I will defend Saint Teresa and launch my questioning of CNN:

Are you a news organization or an organization that moves an agenda? The second story on the day Saint Teresa was canonized was -- Critics: She’s no saint. So I thought to myself, hmmm, did Saint Teresa have a secret life as a youth? Did she slay her enemies with the tip of her sword? Did she Blaspheme the Lord? Of course she did not.

Her crimes? Preaching Catholic Doctrine. Now do I agree with all of Catholic Doctrine? No. But I don’t criticize her for her beliefs. Heck no. Let’s elaborate on CNN’s “criticisms.”

CNN Criticism #1: In 2008, an American went to India to volunteer to help the sick and the poor. He said the conditions of the shelters set up by Mother Teresa were in deplorable conditions. I don’t know Hemley Gonzalez, and volunteers flat out say he’s lying, but let’s pretend he’s telling the God’s honest truth. Saint Teresa has been dead for 20 years. If you want to criticize the organizational skills of her international aid organization, that’s fair. But Saint Teresa worked for the poor, she was not a CEO of a multinational foundation, you can’t pin that on her in 2008 and definitely not in 2016.

#2: She raised some eyebrows when, during her Nobel Peace Prize Lecture after winning the prize in 1979, she said the "greatest destroyer of peace is abortion." –CNN

SHE WAS A NUN. Catholic doctrine explicitly states Abortion is a SIN. She thought thousands of unborn babies dying a year was mass murder. Just because her view was different than CNN’s does not make it controversial.

#3 (Her views) have also been criticized in more progressive circles and put her at odds with the feminist movement. – CNN

Today is the day to celebrate Saint Teresa, not judge how her views coincided with the American feminist movement. If you’re some dumb blogger (like me), it’s your right to speak your views. But a large platform like CNN imposing their agenda instead of reporting THE NEWS is irresponsible.

#4 Additionally, some critics accuse Mother Teresa of trying to convert those she served to Christianity. - CNN

THAT’S WHAT NUNS DO! They serve the Lord and speak of his great gifts. Her followers patently reject this charge, but good servants of the Lord praise his name. I never heard Saint Teresa ever turning someone away due to their religion. Every time CNN talks nice about Hillary Clinton, are they trying to convert Trump supporters? (Bad example.)

#5 Even her path to sainthood has been controversial. - CNN

Excuse my French, but what the hell is CNN talking about? For the Catholic Church to canonize anyone in under, say, 500 years, is the very definition of uncontroversial! Does CNN have even a clue how long these things USUALLY take? Their angle is one miracle shouldn’t be charged to Saint Teresa, but to science. Listen, there’s no bigger science guy than me. I interrupted an article on exoplanets to write this one in one day. But Canonization is a Catholic Church procedure. Again, CNN is arguing based on their agenda, not on the church’s agenda. If you want to criticize the church’s procedure, that’s fair, but again, for the third time this article, Saint Teresa has been dead for 20 years, what does she have to do with her own Sainthood path???

Again, we are not talking about a criminal. We are talking about CNN criticizing A SAINT based on THEIR AGENDA.

The CNN article is basically a hit piece against religion, which is just plain wrong.

The only defense I can think of for CNN, is maybe, just maybe, they’re looking for website clicks? If that’s the case, aren’t they too big of a media conglomeration to be trolling?

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