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Peter Brown Memorial Rankings

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Yeah, I know, Peter Brown is probably still alive, but I digress.

This is the annual ranking of the sports talkers in the Cleveland Market.

1. Ken Carmen – 92.3 The Fan

This young up-and-comer is the new Cleveland. Clever, smart, and funny, he is able to seamlessly shift gears between serious sports analysis and entertaining radio shtick.

2. Tony Rizzo – 850 WKNR

Like the spoiled athletes that he covers, 5 years ago he was the clearly the best, but now he seems distracted by off the mic issues and whining about his workload.

3. Adam the Bull – 92.3 The Fan

A well-rounded, likeable host whose teaming with Dustin Fox creates afternoon magic for the Fan.

4. Les Levine – 92.3 The Fan / Spectrum Sports

Around the holidays, I hear him liven up every show on the Fan. Otherwise, he plies his trade on Time/Warner (now Spectrum).

5. Greg Brinda – 850 WKNR

Cleveland Broadcasting Hall-of-Famer who has the smarts to be in the Indians Front Office

6. Dustin Fox – 92.3 The Fan

Benefits from being teamed with Adam the Bull, but chemistry make those two the best duo in Cleveland.

7. Jeff Thomas – 92.3 The Fan

Best supporting cast member on any show in the city

8. Tony Grossi - 850 WKNR

No one knows the Browns better. No one.

9. Jim Donovan – 850 WKNR

Radio sub who should have his own show, but a little too busy on Channel 3 and being the Voice of the Browns.

10. Je’Rod Cherry -850 WKNR

The best broadcaster in the city when it comes to giving the story from the players’ perspective.

11. Nick Wilson – 92.3 The Fan

Stepping into the Ken Carmen late night shoes quite nicely.

12. Brian Windhorst - 850 WKNR

What he lacks in delivery is more than made up for in knowledge and insight.

13. Mike Trivisonno – 1100 WTAM

30 Years Ago, he was second best sports opinion-maker behind the historically great Pete Franklin. Today? See Jason Giambi’s 2014 season for the Cleveland Indians for reference.

14. Mark ‘Munch’ Bishop – 850 WKNR

Torn here, because I believe if you built a bigger show around Munch’s energy he would be much higher on the list.

15. Mike Snyder - 1100 WTAM

No nonsense sports delivery.

16. Andy Baskins – 92.3 The Fan

Well informed yin to Phelps’ yang .

17. Jeff Phelps – 92.3 The Fan

Pleasant and even handed.

18. Michael Reghi – 850 WKNR

He was fired from KNR, then turns up on shows on KNR. Would be higher if I knew his job status…

19. Bruce Drennen – Drennan Live Fox Sports Ohio

His act has worn thin.

20. Kenny Roda – 1480 WHBC

Deserves better than 1480 Canton.

21. Anthony Lima – 92.3 The Fan

Maybe he’ll grow into his new role and be less annoying. Or maybe not.

22. Chris Fedor – 92.3 The Fan /

If he finds his niche, Fedor can be even more agitating for years to come.

23. Nathan Zegura – 850 WKNR

He’s got a good voice, content questionable.

24. Matt Wilhelm – 850 WKNR


25. Aaron Goldhammer – 850 WKNR

Should be fired based on the fact that he was the early leader of the Johnny Manziel bandwagon. Flat out horrible otherwise.

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