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Pay to Play (BBB Edition)

I am upset with myself that I even know who LaVar Ball is, but I feel like the founder of Big Baller Brands is on ESPN EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Instead of holding Ball's feet to the fire, ESPN treats Ball like a sideshow.

This is not so much an article as a series of questions. Maybe ESPN has answered all these questions and I missed it, so I'm trying to educate myself.

  • Does anyone ever call LaVar out on his professional career? As far as I can tell, LaVar's claim to fame is being a Gravy Train Dad.

  • Johnny Manziel's Dad made news when he made comments from Texas about his son in Cleveland. How in the world do the Lakers let Dad hang around the locker room?

  • Have the 2 younger siblings used the Lakers' facility in the past year? I vaguely remember John Lucas getting in trouble for letting a young LeBron practice at the Cavs' facility before he was drafted.

But more importantly, what is going on in Lithuania?

  1. Doesn't BC Vytautas have a season to play?

  2. The Ball Boys' first games are in the Big Baller Brand Challenge. Doesn't anyone else see the giant coincidence there?

  3. Can't ESPN take a break from laying people off and do some real reporting. Like instead of just giving LaVar an open forum, can't they do some research into whether BBB is paying BC Vytautas to play his kids?

  4. Isn't it feasible that BBB is paying BC Vytautas thousands of dollars, in order to pay the kids hundreds of dollars? (You can see why BC Vytautas would take that deal.)

  5. If LiAngelo was arrested for shoplifting in China, how in the HELL can he get a passport to Lithuania?

  6. If LiAngelo has 2 million Instagram followers, and LaMelo has 3 million Instagram followers, and Lonzo has 4 million Instagram followers, and the family has a reality show on Facebook, why can't people see that the Balls are the Sports version of the Kardashians?

  7. If I took away the red google locator, could you, the reader, find Prienai on a map?

  8. Forget the red google locator. How many Ball Social Media Followers could find LITHUANIA on a map, if you took off the titles?

  9. Am I the only one who noticed that the Balls aren't even playing on the best team in Lithuania? BC Žalgiris plays in the EuroLeague. Let me be very specific here: The Balls are playing MINOR LEAGUE BASKETBALL, IN LITHUANIA, AND SCORED NO POINTS TODAY.

I can't write anymore. My brain just broke.

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