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Kanye's Free Speech

I don't like Kanye West. I thought Golddigger was a catchy song, but I never once had Yeezy Fever. Once he got roped into that Kardishian Clan, I knew he was going to get turned inside out. (They all do.)

With that being said, what's happened to Kanye the past few days in the press is very disturbing....

I’m Not Done With Kanye—but It’s Getting Hard to Justify This: The Daily Beast

Chance the Rapper: 'Black people don't have to be Democrats': CNN

Did Kanye West Just Kill His Brand?: Hollywood Reporter

Kanye West angers fans with pro-Trump tweets: USA Today

Stephen Colbert Tears Into Kanye West: You Have ‘Lost Your Mind’: The Daily Beast (Again)

Janelle Monáe, J. Cole, Jaden Smith denounce Kanye West for supporting Trump: COS

Kanye West is an artist. Usually artists rebel against authority, but that's not the point. The firestorm of articles comes from the fact that the Twitter-verse is lighting up like a Christmas Tree.

Kanye's Crime? Liking Donald Trump. His music didn't change. He didn't drop an unlikeable country album. He voiced his political opinion and the Left Wing Media is having none of it.

A witch hunt. Group-think. Mob rules. All of these ideas crossed my mind as a description of what's going on today. The masses put you in a box, and then they don't like you coming out of that box.

Listen, I don't want to spend the night researching Kanye's backstory, because I don't care. Besides Kanye, I don't like Donald Trump either.

What I'm saying is, you should judge an artist on whether their art sucks or not and not whether or not they like the President. For example, you should judge Beacon of Speech on whether it sucks or not and not whether or not I like the President. My writing style should dictate whether you're a fan or not.

Editors Note: Uh-oh.

And the same goes for other professions: entertainers, athletes, etc. I would just prefer that people didn't like Kanye based on the merits of his music instead of his politics.

I'm going to pause here and tomorrow I'm going to write an article called Top 10 Songs About Free Speech and dedicate the piece to surprising free speech champion Kayne West.


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