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Vote for Whatever

Came across this map at

Please click on the website above for the complete story

The states with the biggest opioid problems voted for.....

(Deaths per 100,000 residents)

West Virginia 49.5 - TRUMP!

New Hampshire 33.7 - CLINTON!

Ohio 30.9 - TRUMP!

Rhode Island 30.0 - CLINTON!

Massachusetts 28.1- CLINTON!

Kentucky 27.5 - TRUMP!

New Mexico 25.6 - CLINTON!

Maryland 25.4 - CLINTON!

... in the 2016 Presidential Election

Now if you asked me, Fred Hunt, what was the biggest problem facing America today, I would probably say it would be the Opioid Crisis. The old axiom is that people vote with their wallets, but I don't think that's the case this year. Who thinks, (according to Gallup,) that the Economy is the most important problem facing the country today?

13% of the population.

Now, who thinks that Non-Economic problems (like the Opioid Crisis) are the most important problem facing the country today?

Interesting, I'm in the 81% majority, which is rare for me. But what percentage thinks that Opioids are specifically the number one problem in the nation.


1 in a hundred. Okay, back into the minority. So let's pretend that I'm right. Who do you vote for today that solves the opioid problem? Before you start screaming at the monitor and turn blue (or red), let me give you a hint and let you know that my question is a trick question.

You know who's really to blame in today's opioid crisis? Long story short, CAPITALISM and managed health care.

In the olden days, you would go to the hospital, have surgery, and then be taken care of by doctors and nurses who nurtured you for a few days.

Today when you have surgery, the doctor gives you a pamphlet, the nurse explains to you when to take your drugs, and then off you go.

Do you know how much CHEAPER it is to just give a person a fistful of drugs instead of actually taking care of them?

If I had a prescription for drugs today, I could go to the drug store at the corner, less than a mile away. Or go to the discount retailer, less than a mile away. Or the grocery store a mile away. Or the second drug store, a mile away. I would estimate that within 5 miles from my house I could fill a prescription at a dozen different stores. I think there's more drug stores than Subways in America. Don't believe me? I could get my prescription filled at any one of these local locations:





Rite Aid


Giant Eagle

Discount Drug Mart

Sam's Club

Buderer Drug Company

Costco Pharmacy

Gates Pharmacy

You hear buzzwords that patients are 'partners' in their health care, but have you met people? Of the people you've met in your life, what percentage are responsible adults who could be trusted with their own health care?

What politician solves the problem of rampant prescription drug abuse? None of 'em. Because the Opioid Crisis requires real solutions to complex problems. That's not what these midterms are about. These mid-terms are about vague concepts like leadership, greatness, and unification. The blue team and the red team don't solve real problems, they manufacture problems and then they pretend to solve 'em.

Hillary Clinton fan? At the mid-terms, you can't vote for Hillary.

You can't vote out Trump.

(You just argued that you can turn the House Blue. You're jazzed about being a speed bump?)

Trump fan? You can't re-elect him at the midterms.

You can't vote out Pelosi (a Democrat in San Francisco is less likely to be voted out than a member of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia).

Watching the Senate races?

You can't vote out Cruz (unless you live in Texas).

You get my drift.

As celebrities criss-cross the nation urging the masses to vote, you can only vote for the best person available in your local and state races.

The media has blanket coverage of the Blue Wave that's supposed to stop Donald Trump. Where do I find 'Blue Wave' on my ballot? (Yeah, I'm not voting all D. How does a Democrat state auditor stop Trump? Hint: It doesn't.)


In some parts of West Virginia, the overdose death rate is the same as the cancer death rate.

The Media's coverage of this election is the ultimate reality show with a reality show character as their villain. Hope your ratings are worth it as democracy suffers.

I want you to watch this 2 minute commercial from Michael Bloomberg.


. Pure Propaganda.

No Substance.

If he cared about America, he would say how he felt, then would have ended with

"vote Independent."

This election reminds me of Johnny Rotten.


Posted 6 hours later:

You still don't think CNN thinks of this election as a Reality Show? Fears, Lies, and Defiance sounds like a Walking Dead episode. Not a News Story.

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