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Let's Have Fun at My Expense

Chris Watts is on trial for murdering his wife and family. Leading up to the trial, details of a mistress, Nichol Kessinger, make the upcoming proceedings even more salacious.

So I was perusing the Daily Mail yesterday when a headline stopped me dead in my tracks. It is rare that I see a headline so blunt and blatantly begging for clicks:

Now I understand that doing a thorough search history on Chris Watts is part of the investigative process, but leaking Kessinger's google search history seems like an invasion of privacy.

Then I started to think, I've looked up some pretty dicey stuff while researching articles for Beacon of Speech, and, well, just strange things in general. Let's move away from the Watts Case and look at my recent search history.

(Think to yourself if you'd want the Daily Mail checking out your search history.)

Okay, I'm a sucker for the story of the Death Metal band Mayhem. I don't like their music, but to me there is no more intriguing musical story than the story of Mayhem.

The Catholic Church selling off their assets is also an intriguing story to me. Extra intriguing that people want to buy Churches for sexual activities.

November 28: I googled this: Define Lascivious

It took me a minute to remember why I would have done this. I was looking for a word for an article and I thought lascivious would fit. It didn't.

I'm telling you, if I could freeze time for a week, I feel like I could write a great 5,000 word article about what's going on between Ukraine and Russia today. But as soon as you take one side, the other is waiting to discredit you. (And possibly slip you some Polonium.)


I used to work at TopTenz and still enjoy their articles, but conspiracy theorists could point to this article as to why THEIR conspiracy theories are correct.

Um, that article is not about a sports injury. It feeds into the rampant rumors and innuendo about Dwight Howard's personal life. Since I don't feel like being sued today, we'll keep on moving.

November 25: I googled this: Beacon of Speech Fred Hunt

No, I'm not a narcissist. I try to see what google does with this site.

November 24: I watched My Monkey by Marilyn Manson

Between the spoken word parts and the musical sample from Charles Manson, My Monkey is a very problematic song in today's environment of political correctness. (I could also go with the "researching an article" defense.)

November 23: I googled Tiffany Pollard Memes

Yeah, I took way, way too long lingering on 'New York.' (I, again, plead "researching an article,")

The story of John Allen Chau really irked me, because I knew people like him. Again, my scorn at Chau's arrogance is probably a very polarizing view....

Now we could go on and on, but you get the point. Let's say I committed a crime. Let's use bank fraud. The police or the federal government need to go through my MacBook to see if I funneled any funds through accounts located online. That's fair. The police leaking that I was using the money to fuel my Satanic, Anti-Government Manifestos based on my search history is probably foul.

Let's take it another step. Let's pretend my wife is a master hacker and siphoned money from her company a la Richard Pryor in Superman III.

You can check my computer to make sure I wasn't involved. That's fine. If I'm not connected to the crime at all, none of my search history should be splashed across the tabloids.

Am I saying Nichol Kessinger is the sharpest tool in the shed? No.

I'm saying that if she's innocent of being related to the planning of Watts' crime, that she shouldn't be implicated for her bad taste in men or judged for her sexual appetite.

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