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Where Do You Hide?

Just to move this article along, let's pretend you don't like Donald Trump. You don't hate him, you're just tired of him. Where do you go?

CNN? That's the absolutely WORST place to go.

FoxNews? C'mon now...

Let's get serious. Where can you go to get away from Trump. No more News sites.

ESPN? Donald Trump, Ambassador of Golf.

FiveThirtyEight (ESPN Subsidiary)? Oh wait a second. After the 2016 elections, FiveThirtyEight was sold from ESPN to ABC News. If both entities are now owned by Disney, isn't that like your wife selling you something from out of your joint checking account?

National Geographic? Don't they usually do stories about rare animals or places like Estonia?

Rolling Stone Magazine? It's not like they report on Rock and Roll anymore.

TMZ? Time for some mindless celebrity gossip.

Netflix? No, no no. Not Netflix

The Ellen Show? I can't imagine Trump being there.

WWE? That's it. Gonna turn off my brain and watch wrestling. There is no way in the world that Trump has anything to do with wrestling.

Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Yeah, I'm done here.


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