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....Now It's Over (For Maybe A Year)

3 weeks ago, the Left Wing Media in America was launching confetti and dancing in the streets, Awesome Nancy Pelosi had defeated the Evil Donald Trump in the battle over the Border Wall between the United States and Mexico. The Shutdown was over.

I was confused because I'm not some sort of mystical soothsayer, yet somehow I knew what was going to happen next because I pay attention. The Wall drama wasn't over. Just a short snipet below from my article: You Still Don't Understand, It's Not Over:

Again, the Position of Beacon of Speech is: Don't Build That Wall

But I'm just a lowly Blogger....

Well, since yesterday Trump 'won,' I assume that all of the press outlets that praised Pelosi in January for winning would now be praising Trump today because he's winning.


Hmmm. Vice seems surprised Trump is now winning. I don't think they were paying attention when they were proclaiming that Pelosi had 'mopped the floor' with Trump

Now the Daily Beast isn't declaring winners or losers, but suddenly have a keen eye peeled toward the future.

Somehow no mention of Pelosi losing here, either.

Washington Examiner is none too keen on Trump circumventing Congress.

And, predictably, CNN

I took the same exact 5 media sources as the last Trump Wall story. Notice how the tone has changed. Again, over and over, the media doesn't report the news, they report a narrative.

Now the courts will run red hot with litigation and Trump is going to send contractors out to the desert, well, they're probably driving out there right now to build that wall. Concrete and

steel and giant font T 's for the Americans side. Don't get me wrong, long-term, Donald Trump didn't win either. What I'm asking for you to do is to notice the way things are reported.


One of the underreported aspects of the Wall Story is Mexico. They pound their fists on the table and defiantly declare that they won't pay for a Wall. But behind the scenes they should be embarrassed. America hates us so much, they want a wall to keep us out? That hurts.

The population of the city of El Paso Texas has quietly risen to 22nd in the United States, larger than Detroit (proper). The makeup of the population is around 80% Hispanic. Crime Rate?

2.5 Murders per 100,000 people -

Right across the river is sister-city Ciudad Juarez. Crime Rate?

55.2 Murders per 100,000 people - El Paso Times

You see that sky-high murder rate for Ciudad Juarez? They are the SEVENTH most dangerous city in Mexico. Name the worst crime riddled pockets of America and they don't even approach the top 10 in Mexico. If the demographics are similar in the two cities that are only miles apart, what's the difference in the crime rates? Simple. Mexico is overrun by the Drug Cartels.

  • Drug Kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán killed between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

  • He was named to Forbes' Billionaire List in 2009

  • Escaped from Mexico's "Maximum Security" Prison in 2015

  • Extradited to the US in 2016

  • Sent to the SUPERMAX Prison in Colorado this week

Putting El Chapo away is a good first step, but rumors persist that he had paid hundreds of millions to Mexican official as high up the political food chain as Former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

So there is a real problem in Mexico, you can't poo-poo that away. Is it a National Emergency level problem? Yeah, for the Mexicans. How do you keep that problem from spilling onto US soil? Build a wall.

Uh, no.


The problem with CNN is the same exact problem as ESPN.

ESPN is a 24/7 sports network. What is easier? Showing the same 2 or 3 sports and talking about them all day long, beating subjects into the ground and endlessly debating a few topics, simply pretending that other sports don't exist. Or showing 15 or 20 different sports, having deep and meaningful discussions about the sports issues of the day.

In reality, needing to cover 168 hours of programming a week, the last week of December

on ESPN, is probably 120 hours a week of football. What do you think is going on in March? Probably 120 hours a week of basketball.

And, using our sports analogy, the easy way out if you're a news network is to take a few topics, tie simple solutions into soundbites, and then beat those topics into the ground. Now you are watching CNN. There are real solutions for the problems in Mexico and immigration reform in the United States. The issue with those solutions are blood, sweat, and money.

Trump says "simple solution, build a wall." That doesn't solve the problem.

CNN says "don't put immigrants in cages or there is no problem." Neither solves the problem. (Though you really shouldn't put immigrants in cages.)

Complex solutions exist, but as Trump hurries up and builds that wall, (his kids may be laying symbolic bricks as I type), the wall issue will briefly cool down as the LAWYERS mobilize.

Why is the topic only over for about a year? Wait for the next election cycle. Whoever the nominees are, that's all they're going to talk about. Reinforce the Wall. TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!


I haven't even begun to discuss the root of the problem, which is DRUGS.

Who's growing 'em, who's making 'em, who's consuming 'em.

I'm depressed enough....

Hey March Madness starts next week!

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