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A Star is Born

Shhhh. I'm going to tell you a secret.

I just read my TWENTIETH headline about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

I hate that song Shallow.

Hate it.

I ain't watchin' A Star is Born.

Not watchin' A Star is Born from 1937,

Not watchin' A Star is Born from 1954. (Judy Garland? No thanks.)

Not watchin' A Star is Born from 1976. (Barbara Streisand? Hell no.)

Not watchin' A Star is Born today.

You know what song was running through my head coming home from work today? This one:

Here to Stay by Korn. For all you music snobs, this song also won a Grammy, 2003's Best Metal Performance. Shallow won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. You didn't read about Korn's Grammy on every website in America.

But did you see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on stage together at the Oscars? It. Was. Magical.

Yeah, I saw it. That's why when I got home today, I put on the headphones, over my hood, and blasted Korn as high as it would go. The cloth muffled and deepened an already a low sounding metal mix.

Which is just a short reminder of why we exist at Beacon of Speech. I have the right to say A Star is Born sucks, and you have the right to say Korn sucks. Conventional Wisdom is not a fact.

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