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10 More Strange Stories set to Song

I keep tripping over more and more strange stories set to song, so here's a sequel to the Top 10 Strange Stories set to Song article.

10. Epizootics! by Scott Walker

This is the story....


Who the hell knows what's going on here....

Editor's Note: RIP Scott Walker passed away last week.

Scott Walker was telling stories in a totally different mental dimension.

And yet in another separate dimension.....

9. Peace and Love by Camper Van Beethoven

This is the story of a long, metaphysical road trip.

8. The Chicken in Black by Johnny Cash

This is the story of the Johnny Chicken Show.

7. Egg Man by the Beastie Boys

This is the story of the Egg Man.

6. Hooker Got a Boyfriend by Biz Markie

This is the story of a prostitute...and her significant other.

5. Harold of the Rocks by Primus

This is the story of a couple of dumbshits!

4. Singing of the Bonesaws by the Future of the Left

This is the story of....

Again, it's really hard to say.....

The bear has apparently not qualified for a work placed pension and is angry with Daniel Day Lewis for what he perceives as the relative lack of action in There Will be Blood.

3. Trapped in the Drive-Thru by Weird Al Yankovic

This is the story about a young couple about 8 months before their divorce.

2. Threw It On the Ground by the Lonely Island

This is the story of one man and the system.


1. Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus? by Mojo Nixon

This is the story of getting wasted with Jesus.

If you don't like my selections, I found a cool blog called The Weirdest Band in the World that does nothing but examine "weird" music. You could spend hours there researching bands even more obscure than those on Beacon of Speech's radar.

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