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Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Season 4)

A few hours after last night's Game of Thrones Series Finale, recaps and rating smashing numbers sprawled across the internet.

Ratings: USA Today

Ratings: CNBC

Ratings: (and Gaffes): Daily Mail (UK)

Plot: N.Y. Times

Plot: Vox

Record Ratings: CNN

Furious Fans: Fox News

Grief Counseling (?): The Blaze

A Scandalous Water Bottle (!):

Almost every media outlet across the political spectrum had an angle on last night's epic Game of Thrones.

You know what I watched last night?

Adult Swim's Future Cult Classic Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. That show has minuscule ratings and if you google YPFIGTH and news, you know what you get?

Luke-warm reviews like this:

'Of all the Adult Swim shows, “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell” may be the most “adult,” if only because so many of its jokes are aimed at grown-ups. The first couple of episodes in the fourth season are best enjoyed if you’re familiar with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Chubby Checker and “Cheers” regular Norm Peterson. Those without a clue will have to settle for giggling at actors who have to wear red paint and horns on their faces.' - Minneapolis Star Tribune

That was from a month ago. And that was the whole article.

For the record, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is the best series on TV in 2019.

(Well, at least until November when Rick and Morty come back.)

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell was also funnier than the last Big Bang Theory.

I actually watched that, which we may or may not cover in later posts....


Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Song): This is good, too, but in a totally different way.

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