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Anthony Davis (to L.A.) Part III

So Anthony Davis AND LeBron James both got their way this weekend. In February I wrote that I thought both players would get their way this past winter.

I think we should review what happened to all of the principals in King James' Universe, because it really is amazing how much careers can change in just a few months.

Cleveland Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert: In my original article, I speculated that the Lakers didn't have enough to offer the Pelicans and would need a third team in the mix, specifically the Cavs. That part of the equation never materialized. I'm convinced that Dan Gilbert's Stroke kept the Cavs out of a three-team deal. Dan Gilbert remains in tenuous health, but due to HIPAA laws, exact details of his condition are unknown.

Conspicuously quiet in offering Gilbert well wishes in his recovery? LeBron James.

L.A. Lakers President Magic Johnson: Gone. Scumbag Rob Pelinka leaked that Johnson didn't work hard enough and undermined Magic at every turn. Why the harsh words for Pelinka? When I think L.A. Lakers, I think of Magic Johnson. When I think of money-grubbing agents, I think of Rob Pelinka.

L.A. Lakers GM Rob Pelinka: He got the deal done, after bitchin' that Magic didn't get a deal done. How did he do it? Pelinka sealed the deal by trading away the team's future (except Kuzma). Granted, Pelinka did knock off the Pelicans' socks, but these are the assets that were traded away:

  • (Overrated) Laker Lonzo Ball

  • Laker Brandon Ingram

  • Laker Josh Hart

  • Pick #4 in the 2019 Draft

  • 1st Round Draft Pick in 2022

  • Right to Draft Swap in 2023

  • 1st Round Draft Pick in 2024

Pelinka's Errors are two-fold:

  • If the Lakers don't win the Championship in 2020, Pelinka is the one who somehow screwed up having 2 of the top 10 players in the game. Even if Davis re-signs, LeBron will be old. If the Lakers don't sign a third star, it is feasible that the 2021 Lakers would be as good as the 2018 Pelicans.

  • If Pelinka had brought a third team into the mix, he could have given up less assets. But Pelinka doesn't play well with others.

New Orleans GM David Griffin:

It's a small world after all. After leaving the Cavs, David Griffin landed on his feet in New Orleans. After replacing former GM Dell Demps, somehow, someway, Griffin leveraged the only team that Anthony Davis really wanted to play for into giving them, potentially, 7 players. Now here's the risk that Griffin was saddled with. Probably NONE of those players will be as good as Anthony Davis, but Griffin made the absolute best deal he could have made with his hands being tied. It is simple irony that it is former-Cav Griffin that eventually got Davis to L.A.

L.A. Laker LeBron James:

After missing the playoffs ENTIRELY, the Lakers are now the BETTING FAVORITES in Vegas for the upcoming NBA Season. If James' 35 year old body doesn't hold up through the playoffs, guess who everyone will blame?

Boston Celtics Gravy Train Kyrie Irving:

Just a friendly reminder, after saying that he was "MARRIED" to the Celtics, Kyrie seems to be developing cold feet. If Irving ends up with the Lakers, Beacon of Speech will declare war on the NBA.

LaVar Ball:


Lost in all of the Anthony Davis furor is NBA Champion Kawhi Leonard can leave the Toronto Raptors. He shouldn't, but he can. I keep reading rumors and more rumors that he is leaving Canada.

If Gary Bettman is smart (he's not, but let's pretend that he is,) he would get on the phone with the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes and ask him what it would take to get him to move his team to Toronto. I have been beating the drum forever that Toronto needs 2 hockey teams in its market, just like New York and Los Angeles have multiple teams in multiple sports.

I saw Wayne Gretzky on the ABC Broadcast of the Raptors-Warriors series and couldn't help but think that if Leonard left Toronto and then the Coyotes moved to Toronto, that you would KILL the NBA in Canada.

Would Basketball Ambassador LeBron James care? I speculate that he would not.


Addendum: 9:00 PM on June 17, 2019

I added the Devil Meme after LaVar Ball because it made me laugh. Yes, I read Ball's comments about Molly Qerim and passed on public comment.

Then I read this in the USA Today:


Let me get this straight.

Jemele Hill wants people pulled from ESPN based on inappropriate comments?????



Don't you remember....

Aww, screw it. Article Over.

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