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City Folk vs. Country Folk

I don't always read BuzzFeed News, but this article caught my eye.

I'm not sure about what the author is talking about. Ilhan Omar is not more popular than ever in Minnesota. She's more popular than ever in the TWIN CITIES.


Rush Limbaugh used to talk of the disdain people on the East and West Coasts had for the people in "Flyover Country." You know, the vast American expanses that voted for Donald Trump between both Coasts.

Unfortunately, BuzzFeed News sent a recent college graduate, based in Washington D.C., to do a story about Minnesota and it showed. Getting off of her plane, the author traveled all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex and then all the way out to the inner ring suburbs and found nothing but love for Ilhan Omar. Then she got back on her plane and flew back to the nation's capital and submitted her story. 'Shockingly' the people who voted for Omar stood by her.

You see that Deep Blue County that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Those are the same exact people voted for Ilhan Omar. The 4 largest cities in Minnesota were all found in Blue Counties:

  • Minneapolis

  • St. Paul

  • Rochester

  • Duluth

But your eyes can't help but notice that the state is mostly Red. A Trump supporter would point out that The Donald won 78 of Minnesota's 87 counties. I know people from across ALL of Minnesota and the map more or less holds true for the people I know. The city folk do not like Donald Trump. The country folk love Donald Trump.

Buzzfeed is surprised that the Whites are mad at Trump. Why? Because the media has been trying to make everything with Trump a Black/White thing when it is clearly a City/Country thing. How can I be so sure? Because I moved from Minnesota to Ohio and guess what?

The 4 largest cities in Ohio are all also Blue Counties:

  • Columbus

  • Cincinnati

  • Cleveland

  • Toledo

And the number of counties that voted for Trump in Ohio is nearly IDENTICAL (80 of 88) as the results in Minnesota. The Black/White Rule is not as hard and fast and the City/Country Rule.

There's lots of divisions in the country, and some are absolutely Black/White, but in this case, it's someone in the media reminding you that everyone SHE knows hates Trump. Unfortunately, I also know people in Red Counties who say that everyone THEY know loves Trump.

(Except for me.)

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