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Banning Yourself

Just under a month ago, we at Beacon of Speech released the article: Ugh, Not Obeidallah Again.

We are not fans of Dean Obeidallah here at the website, but we didn't call for a boycott of his work.

We didn't call for him to be jailed.

We didn't call for him to be deported.

We didn't call for any type of action against him.

We simply said that he sucked and that he was biased.

That's what Free Speech is all about in America.

So today I was at The Daily Beast and I saw the article: Why Are So Many 2020 Dems Ignoring Muslims? I was surprised that the story was by Obeidallah, I had never seen a story that he wrote where the point wasn't simply: Trump sucks.

I have written that Trump sucks, but it's not the only thing I write about. Sometimes I have to defend Trump, and it makes my skin break out into a rash, but enough about me. Obeidallah had surprisingly piqued my interest.

I read 1 single paragraph and then this happened....

HA! A pay wall? To read anything from Dean Obeidallah? That's funny.

Guess what I ain't doin'?

That would be like me putting a pay wall up at Beacon of Speech. My dozens of readers would turn into, well, I would speculate that business model would turn my blog into ZEROES of readers.

If I got to whack a virtual Piñata of Dean Obeidallah, that might be worth a dollar, but any amount of money for his writing acumen? That is a serious miscalculation by the editors of The Daily Beast. Again, not trying to be a jerk, but The Daily Beast has a stable of writers who are one trick ponies.

Ira Madison? Racism is Everywhere in America!!!

"Award Winning Actress" Aurora Snow? Porn in America!!!

Michael Tomasky? Republicans are the Devil!!!

Marlow Stern? TV Entertainment is News!!!

And, of course, Dean Obeidallah: Trump and White Supremacy!!!

Do paywalls work when you already know what was written when you haven't even read it yet?

The Media's Paywall Obsession Will End In Disaster For Most

#CNNbias #RaceCardMadison

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