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Impeachment (Part I)

Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.

That's all anyone can talk about.

#1 I am not a fan a Donald Trump.

I have to reiterated this over and over and over.

But let's get down to the nuts and bolts of why the media is frothing at the mouth today. Many, including CNN, thought that Bill Clinton was wrongly impeached. It was a vast right-wing conspiracy, the morals police had gone wild, and partisan politics at its worst were all cited as reasons that poor old Bill shouldn't be impeached.

What Bill Clinton did was have sex with an intern. Go to your local school district and ask what happens if a teacher has sex with an intern in the district. Guess what? That teacher is fired. Go to your local hospital and ask what happens when a doctor at the hospital has sex with an intern under his employ. That doctor is also fired. Go to your local police station and ask what happens when the Chief of Police has sex with an intern for the police department. That Chief is fired. Bill Clinton got away with an offense that would have ended in termination in almost any other professional job in America. But Bill Clinton was on the same team as many in the media, their angle was that Clinton's transgressions were not impeachment-worthy based on the fact that they liked him.

Donald Trump conspired with a foreign agent (Ukraine) and asked them to investing Joe Biden's Son who was doing business in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden is...

Because what's coming out of Trump's mouth is not always accurate, to me, it is hard to differentiate between Trump saying to the President of Ukraine 'you should investigate my political enemies' in jest. (The President of Ukraine's previous occupation was comedian. Seriously, not kidding.) Or whether Trump reached out to the Служба зовнішньої розвідки України and actively solicited their assistance.

The first option is purely bad optics. The second option is treason. Is Donald Trump stupid enough to accidentally commit treason? Oh, he surely is, but I also remember that time that Ronald Reagan said that we "begin bombing (Russia) in 5 minutes."

It was a bad joke and we didn't begin bombing Russia that day. In Trump's diluted mind, him asking Zelensky for help could have been as innocuous as filming another episode of the Apprentice. Simple Political Theatre. Should Trump have done it? Absolutely not. Is Trump talking to the President of Ukraine about domestic political rivals a poor idea? Absolutely yes. But I'm telling you, all those people out there that think that having a relationship with Russia and Ukraine is a bad idea are dead wrong.

We SHOULD be friends with Ukraine AND Russia. You want good international relations with both countries because they've been teetering toward civil war for nearly a decade.

If Democrats want to impeach Trump, have at it. Just don't impeach him, then he stays in office. You better have a clear cut plan to get some Republicans on board in the Senate. Because if you impeach, but can't remove him from office, you just made yourself a political Martyr.

Ugggh. I've said it before and I'll said it again. Arrogant CNN and Pompous Trump are both what's wrong with America. Every story on the top of the page at CNN is promoting Trump's guilt.

The Drudge Report was a little more balanced in picking the stories that they wanted to promote.

Half of me wants Trump impeached, but then CNN wins.

Half of me wants CNN to be wrong, but then Trump is still the President.

I am having trouble harnessing my anger at the whole system, let's give it a few days for a few more facts to shake out.....

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