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Blood Incantation

On Thursday November 21, I came across a small article from New Noise Magazine that heralded an obscure masterpiece called Hidden History of the Human Race by the band Blood Incantation. They gave the album a rare perfect rating.

So I checked out their latest single: Inner Paths (to Outer Space)

Amazing. Billed as Cosmic Death Metal, I had to have more. I found the album online and was stunned by what it wasn't as much as what it was. What it wasn't was straight on Death Metal. What is was, was a metal broth. Starting out as you would expect from Death Metal, the album quickly began shifting gears and then strapped the listener in for a snaking journey through sounds and manufactured metal barriers. One filled with surprises and experimentation. Heck, I'm a metal amateur. What do the professionals say?

"Blood Incantation have created a contender for death metal album of the year here." -Kerrang!

"Hands-down the greatest record of the year." -Invisible Oranges

"...Propelling Blood Incantation extremely close to creating a groundbreaking genre masterpiece."

"Blood Incantation take death metal as it is, and they blow out into something grand and mystical."

"It’s a time-warping instant underground classic." -ToiletovHell

Please click onto our Future Aliens Overlord's link below and listen.

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