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Michael Tomasky is a Dumbass

On Nov. 7, 2019, partisan hack Michael Tomasky made the above statement. It is 100% wrong.

Either the Democrats are going to roll out Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and get bulldozed by Trump. Or the Democrats are going to go "moderate" (comparatively) with Biden or Buttigieg and win.

How can I, a political novice, make such a 'bold' statement? Because Michael Tomasky is bad at math.

Let's say Warren is the candidate. Instead of winning California by 25, she'll make California a deeper shade of Blue and win by 35 or 40. Same in New York.

But in battleground states, adults will hold their noses and vote for a flawed Trump over the Socialist. Electoral College strikes again.

Whereas a Biden or Buttigieg candiacy wins in those battleground states. I can see Buttigieg doing well in the Midwest.

What's up Tomasky's rear? He sees that Trump is ripe for the pickin' and wants the most liberal candidate he can get his hands onto to advance his agenda. The problem is, the more liberal the candidate, the less of a chance they have to win in the real world.

Tomasky's decades in the trenches have blurred his perception of reality. 1 year out from the election, I can't tell you for sure what WILL happen, but I can certainly tell you what WON'T happen, and that is a one-on-one victory between Sanders v Trump or Warren v Trump.

Venezuela's 10 Year Challenge

Scenario #1: Either Sanders or Warren will lose to Trump. They may be up early, after the Democrat Primaries, but all the Republican Party has to do is say the word Venezuela, oh, about a million times. Those who think Venezuela can't happen here are delusional. If Trump is impeached and a Republican like Pence is nominated against Sanders or Warren, the (R) team will win by Reagan-esque numbers.

Scenario #2: Trump may not be mortally wounded by impeachment, but if the Dems put up ANY moderate, they will have a puncher's chance. I think a young Mayor Pete has the highest ceiling of all of the (D) candidates. One thing they won't be is "Roadkill."

Scenario #3 The only way a socialist beats Trump is if a strong third-party candidate, like Romney, siphons off, at least, 8-10% of the vote, specifically from the Republican side. Then Sanders or Warren could potentially trick nearly 40% of the population into voting for them.

Tomasky's Magical Scenario where Sanders or Warren pulls off a double digit win? That just ain't happening.

You saw my prediction. You saw Tomasky's prediction. Instead of me rambling on, let's put this short Beacon of Speech Prediction Blurb into the vault and see who's better at reading politics and who's better at being a plodder next year.

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