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Disclaimer for Iran Article

My whole life, all I remember is problems in the Middle East. As a young impressionable kid, I remember being afraid of all the wars that plagued the region. I mistakenly thought that the Iranian Hostage Crisis could happen here.

By the time I was a teen, I was already sick of Middle Eastern conflicts and loved the song F%ck the Middle East by Stormtroopers of Death.

Now that I'm deep into Middle Age, all answers today in the Middle East seemingly have to do with bombing the crap out of the problems. There are OTHER solutions, but somehow we can't talk about them. The following article is me, written from the hypothetical perspective of someone who doesn't have free speech in the Middle East. In case the article catches fire (I can never tell which articles will go viral), I want to be very clear, the next article is to spurn conversation, not to offend anyone.

(Now the S.O.D. song, yeah that's probably offensive.)

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