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Impeachment (Part II) -or- We're All Going to Die Anyways

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

11:00 AM 1/25/2020

CNN is making a critical mistake reporting the news this weekend.

The Chinese are underreporting what is going on at ground level at Wuhan.

If the Coronavirus is the next plague, Americans may revolt against CNN. Why?

Because they are all in on impeachment. Let's go over to the Daily Mail and see what else is going on in the world.....

For those bad at math, that's still a 2-3% kill rate which is still consistent with the early reporting of the Wuhan virus.

Now the other part of the underreported story is Wuhan itself. I thought that the city of Wuhan was an obscure city in the Xinjiang Province. You know, the Chinese countryside. Nope. Wuhan has a population of 11 Million.

11 Million.

That's larger than New York City. Imagine a killer virus loose in New York City and the American Government trying to contain it. Ain't gonna happen. And, on top of that, with the proliferation of social media, that story is going to be splashed across the front page of the NY Post in about 3 seconds.

On the front of the New York Post right this second?

Wuhan to Beijing is a 2 hour flight. I googled it and Air China makes that trip 5+ times a day.

In CNN's defense, it's not like they have a Beijing Bureau. Oh wait, they do?

Because apparently they have to tiptoe around the Chinese government, Americans get their CNN stories through Chinese approved filters. Like the Chinese are releasing that they are building a hospital in 6 days for the Wuhan infected citizens:

Notice that's not a CNN story. What the question should be is why do you need to build a brand new hospital for a plague that is under control and quarantined?

Not all news sources are fixated on Impeachment:


Xi Story: BBC

Grave Story: Reuters

56 Million Story: Sun UK

I'm telling you, the Wuhan Virus is going to turn into the 1918 Pandemic.

How do I figure? Because the virus made its way from THE SIXTH LARGEST CITY IN CHINA to Texas in just under 2 weeks......

7:00 PM 1/25/2020

What? The Chinese may be lying?

New Lead Story at the Daily Mail (UK)

Lead Story at CNN? Trump

You could be throwing a tantrum right now, pounding your fists on the floor and kicking until your toes knot up, "only 4 presidents in history have been impeached. This is the top story in the WORLD!"

It is a big story. But I went over to the Newseum website and wondered aloud, "I wonder what the lead story is in Chinese newspapers today?" Apparently only one newspaper in China allows access to a Western Website.

Let's try Baidu (Chinese Google) instead:

Don't worry, we're making plenty of masks!

Top stories: Government on top of epidemic and China's Spring Festival.

Not a top story? Donald Trump.

I wonder what the lead story in Taiwan is?

Hmmm. My Taiwanese is a little poor, but apparently some sort of virus is running amok in Asia. No pictures of Donald Trump anywhere.

Because virologists know the real story.


I was scared to death of Ebola, I read that Hot Zone Book and knew that the mortality rate was around 90% (today around 65%) for the disease. But then I found out that if you took basic precautions, ebola was fairly hard to get and sprang from very unsanitary conditions.

If you give patients intravenous fluids and medicines in a hospital setting, you find out that ebola is treatable.

Initial reports are that the Wuhan Flu is easy to get, possibly airborne. If it spreads across the globe like 1918's Spanish Flu, we are talking hundreds of millions infected, not thousands like ebola.

And if the mortality rate of the Wuhan Flu holds at 2%, that means if 100 million get it, 2 million people will die. If a billion people get it, that's 20 million deaths.

That's a lot of people and a lot of overwhelmed health care systems.

What it won't kill is the media's hatred of Trump.

Editor's Disclaimer: Don't Vote for Trump.

You saw the dates and the timestamps above, let's revisit the top stories in the world in about a month. I bet there will be a TON of coverage "fastest viral outbreak in 100 years...."

(Once impeachment is over.)


Added 7:00 AM 1/26/2020

If you believe in Conspiracy Theories, this is an excellent READ.

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