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China Already Won The War

According to a statistical analysis at The Daily Mail: 70% Chance Covid was UNNATURAL and from WUHAN.

I don't understand what's so hard for people to understand. On February 25, 2020, we wrote this article: CNN vs. The Flu 2 - Flu Boogaloo. The money quote? "I think the Chinese Government weaponized the flu."

4 years later, my opinion is still blocked on certain platforms. Here's my analogy: Don't think of Covid as a Disease. If you think of Covid as a Weapon, China has already killed a million Americans and divided the country. The Chinese have killed over 7 million people worldwide (reported.)

Now if you argue that Covid killed the Chinese too, that's a little bit of revisionist history. Remember, they locked down their country for years. Then, when their citizens got a bit surly after draconian lockdowns, that's when the Chinese eased the yoke.

You say my logic makes no sense? Listen, you have to look at history objectively and not with emotion or what you've been fed.

During the Cold War, we were afraid of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union was afraid of us. But luckily we never used nuclear weapon on our enemies....

We used them on ourselves.

Granted we didn't test them over large cities, but we nuked our own territory over a thousand times. The Soviets did the same thing. We showed our strength by bombing ourselves. Now that radioactivity still exists, we didn't test radiation free nukes, we paid a certain price for our testing. Over 900 tests alone were at the Nevada Test Site. If you're familiar with the very basic concept of WIND, where do you think that radiation ended up?

So don't think of Covid as a virus, think of it as a weapon that targeted the old and the fat. One in three Americans are obese, 1 in 14 Chinese are obese. Can you see how a genetically engineered virus could target the United States?

What was my tip off? Last fall I had Covid for the third time and whined and whined about it. If your response is "maybe you should have gotten the Covid vaccine," well I did. And it almost killed me in the Fall of 2021.

But the third time I had it, at one point I slept for 24 hours. I didn't even know that was possible without being in a coma. I have been much sicker, but I've never had fatigue and brain fog that bad in my life. What sickness scrambles your brain for a week?

I can't prove it in a court of law, but I believe the Chinese created a virus that would specifically target the First World (Fat and Sedentary) as the first wave of a war. Did the Chinese pay for killing a million Americans? Nope. Did the Chinese face sanctions for killing a million Americans? Nope. Did they face any repercussions at all? Nope. No one can agree if the virus even came from China.

Two years later, China sat on their hands as Russia invaded Ukraine. Did China face any repercussions for allowing Russia to invade Ukraine? Nope.

I am saying that China is playing the long game to fold Taiwan back under the Chinese tent. They now see 4 years of America allowing China to dictate terms on the world stage. Just this week, China blocked a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that the United States was definitely pushing for.

I'm not saying we should have gone to war with Russia over Ukraine, not at all, our red line has to be Poland.

Ahhhh.....but what I am saying is that China was watching our response. When the Chinese invade Taiwan, they can expect crippling sanctions, but no US troops. If China has 3-5 years to prepare for sanctions, they can negate their effects and implement counter-measures that could cripple America in retaliation.

Again, we are talking about economic warfare.

Covid killed .3% of the American population. Listen, in war people are shitheads, China doesn't have to tell us anything if they perceive us to be "the enemy." In America, we have to face the sad reality that we're at war and don't even know it. We already have a casualty list.

We also have to be able to speculate on that reality without having censorship from within our own country in the form of the government or corporations like Google.

If China really did attack us with a virus, then leaned on Google to shut down that information, then they've already won.

If China invades Taiwan, we can't do anything except sanctions that they may or may not be prepared for-

Now, for argument's sake, let's say I'm an idiot. Everything you've just read is a rotting pile of gibberish. I have Freedom of Speech to be wrong. I don't believe I'm wrong, but at this juncture, you can't prove me wrong. It is very dangerous to slander China? China has been very uncooperative dealing with the Covid Virus, it's been very uncooperative on the world stage. The one thing that's supposed to delineate us from the Chinese is our freedom, I don't care if I piss off China, some blogger in the Midwest isn't going to goad China into doing something they weren't going to do anyhow.

And I'm not saying that we have to send troops to Taiwan. If Xi invades, sucks to be Taiwan.

Maybe Covid will kill me on the fourth go-around, but I'll tell you what, this next generation is in real trouble if we can't have discourse in the country. You can't unkill a million Americans.

For apologists who say "those million would have died of something else anyways."

Maybe China will get YOU next time around.

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