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CNN v The Flu 2 - Flu Boogaloo

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Famed virologist Chelsea Clinton has gone to CNN to warn that America is woefully unprepared for....well, let's use her own words:

Under Trump, America is Less Prepared for a Coronavirus Outbreak

Let me get this straight, just for my own mental health, CNN is giving a platform to the child of arguably the President's Biggest Political Rival based on her expertise in morphology?

Stop, stop, stop.

Where is Fang Bin?

Where is Chen Qiushi?

I didn't even want to write about the flu today. I am sick of the flu (pun intended.)

Just 2 days after we posed the question: When the flu breaks out in America, do you think that CNN will accept "according to Donald Trump's Government" as their primary sourcing? CNN rolls out with this tripe.

I do not want Donald Trump as the point man for the oncoming plague either, but my God.....


Back around the turn of the millennium, popular Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota died in a plane accident 11 days before his potential re-election. Wellstone's Memorial turned into a well-attended political rally, with national luminaries from Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy attending. What started out as a solemn memorial turned into a political ruckus.

The next day Rush Limbaugh screamed until his bulbous face turned red "the democrats turn everything political." And on that day, he was right. That always stuck with me that any event in America can devolve into a political cesspool in no time flat.

Don't get me wrong, we're all screwed with this flu thing, Coronavirus will end up being the dreaded Disease X that scientists have been warning about, but it won't be America that takes the brunt of the criticism in hindsight.

You and I have no comprehension of what is going on in China and when the truth surfaces in a few years, CNN will be embarrassed that it didn't give a voice to Chinese Citizen Journalists and instead decided to politicize a disease with Chelsea Clinton.

Listen, no one reads this Blog anyhow. What do I think happened?


I'm not Conspiracy Theory Guy, I'm just not, but I think that the Chinese Government weaponized the flu. Official statistics out of China are that the flu kills men vs women at a 2 to 1 margin. After a generation of 1 child policy, I think that the Chinese Government released the flu in Wuhan as the Great Equalizer, a thinning of the Chinese Herd, so to speak, for more manageable male/female population ratios and overall population control.

There's some very scary stories about this specific flu with relapse rates and heart events. If pressed, the Chinese Government has plausible deniability with the flu versus other viruses, Xi himself could come out and say something like "different flus come out every year."

A government would never unleash a disease on its own people, you counter? You need to do some homework on the internet.

#THEFlu #RichKids

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