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Maybe Next Time Covid Reaper

So on Day 6 of Covid.

Luckily I missed Day 2---

You know what, let's start from the beginning.

I believe I had Covid during the first wave in 2020. Documented Here.

I also had a quick brush with death relating to the Covid Vaccine in 2021. Documented Here.

Then I got Covid during my Wedding Anniversary in 2022. (You can ask my wife.)

And then I got Covid last week. The physical symptoms were no worse than a mild flu or bad cold. The mental symptoms___

Last Wednesday. During the day, I didn't feel great, but I gutted it out at work.

Got home from work at 5:30 PM.

Went to bed at 6:00 PM

For 4 hours I slept with nightmares and hallucinations. At 10 I posted a Mushroomhead song on Facebook that was blaring in my head while I was semi-conscious. I went back to sleep

I woke up at 6 AM, high fever and more hallucinations. My wife gave me a Covid Test and my first medicine. 2 Ibuprofen. I went back to sleep. The first 12 hours were all darkness and shadows.

Thursday at Noon, I woke up, looked at the clock and thought to myself, "I could sleep a little more.

After drifting in and out of sleep for nearly 24 hours straight, I realized I had to get up. I didn't feel that bad, just a low fever and lethargy.

On Friday, I basically existed. I ate a few small meals, took a little medicine and zoned out. I think I was awake for 6 hours. Again, more hallucinations and brain fog. Low fever.

On Saturday, my fever broke so I stopped taking medicine of any kind. I had a weird craving for a lemonade slushie. Drove to the corner store in a fog and the song Fade Into You came on. I could barely feel the steering wheel. I felt like I was floating on a cloud and was in a dream-like trance. I wouldn't drive again for 2 more days.

By Sunday, my physical ailments had nearly subsided, but I couldn't focus. Every word I tried to type for the blog was met with mental resistance. If I sat real still and stared out the window. I felt normal. If I tried to think or move, even in a minimal fashion, it was a struggle.

Monday through Thursday, I had to work, we were understaffed. I couldn't concentrate, I could barely hold my head up, I could not focus. By Thursday, I was simply mad. I have been much sicker in my life, but what virus attacks your brain?

And then I paused and said "what virus infects your brain?" Google says encephalitis, but I certainly didn't have that. It took me 3 days to write this short, barely cited article.

I am telling you, the Chinese developed Covid as a bio-weapon.

I believed it in 2020 and believe it today.

What I had this week was a variant of a variant of a variant of a variant of Covid.

I have been sicker, but what I had this week was not natural.

But here's where I was wrong from 2020.

When the Chinese released Covid, I thought they were trying to decimate the herd.

Now I realize they were trying to cull the herd.

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