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BioWeapon? Not Exactly....

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Listen, I need to clarify something. I do not believe that the Chinese released the coronavirus in order to decimate their enemies....

But Fred, you said, on February 25, 2020, that "I think that the Chinese Government weaponized the flu."


I still think that, but not the way you think. Let me kind of open up my thinking. You need to think like a military person for a few minutes, not like a doughy, American Couch Potato.

Here's my theory:

Time - June of 2019

Location - Highest Levels of Chinese Government

I believe that Xi Jinping wanted to invade Hong Kong and put his boot on the throat of the Hong Kong Protestors. I think that Xi Jinping brought all of his Generals into a room and had a brain-storming session to review a straight up invasion of Hong Kong. Unlike Tiananmen Square, which was a part of sovereign China, Hong Kong is seen as its own entity in other parts of the world.

I also believe that Xi Jinping was worried that if he invaded Hong Kong, international markets would tank and there would be severe repercussions for China. I also believe that Xi Jinping couldn't get a pulse on what the United States or Britain would do if the Chinese military invaded Hong Kong. (i.e. The Trump Effect)

Then, I believe, a trusted military scientist suggested releasing a biological agent, which Jinping had no interest in. But the scientist sold it hard. He could have presented it this way: We have a coronavirus which is very similar to the common flu, but kills in a more effective manner, maybe as high as 1%. We release it here in China so we have plausible deniability that we didn't attack anyone with it, and furthermore, you can argue there's all kinds of viruses in nature. It would be untraceable to the government because we control the mechanisms of researching the virus within our own country.

Give the virus 3-6 months to circle the globe, then once the Western Nations are plunged into chaos, and China has managed its own losses (the virus rarely kills the young, mostly the sick), we march into the autonomous regions, then special administrative regions Hong Kong and Macau. While we're at it, we solidify our power in Taiwan. The international community wouldn't care what China would be doing, they would all have their own problems and China would be united as the world's new superpower for the next 100 years.

One China - One Voice.

You have to think of the coronavirus as a wartime weapon. "But Fred, we're not at war," would be your response. You don't know if the Chinese are thinking that way.

If the Chinese "unexpectedly" surge into places like Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang this summer, you'd have to wonder if they used the coronavirus to soften up international opposition

If fall comes and you find out that China is the country that defeats the coronavirus and is sending aid to nations across the world and not participating in any military actions, you'll know that Fred was just another nutjob on the internet.

That theory is also plausible.

Why am I so jaded on China? Because I think that they're playing chess and the rest of the world is playing checkers.

And I believe within the next 5 years they will make moves to unify China by force. How do you get to that endgame?


Historians believe that the Spanish Flu contributed to ending World War I as much as the fighting did. Historians also believe that a harsh winter stopped the Germans in World War II as much as the Soviets did.

What do those two examples have to do with today? If you <<cough cough,>> <<ahem, ahem>> think of the coronavirus as the first wave of a military attack, instead of a naturally occurring phenomenon, it would fit the timeline of the Communists consolidating power. The key is this summer.

"Fred why don't you believe China?"

This is the easiest question I've ever had to answer.

The population of China is nearly 1.4 billion.

The population of Italy is about 60 million.

Somehow the coronavirus is burning through the Italian population like fire through tinder, but someway the Chinese were able to control it. How? Either the Chinese lied about the number of dead and stopped counting their cases OR they lied about the containment process. You can see the transparency that the Italians have provided to the world. A transparency the Chinese haven't provided at all. If there was a magic drug that helped contain the virus in China, the Chinese certainly haven't shared it with us.

Again, you won't know how many people really died in China for years.

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