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10 Coronavirus Ditties

I keep coming across Coronavirus Playlists to inspire people during stay-at-home orders. Rita Wilson's was particularly bad, but not as bad as the USA Today's garbage. People sitting around singing Imagine? Bunch of 1%'ers pretending to be like you and me. As you sit in your dark basement, afraid to venture out into the outside world, consider listening to these songs.....


You want inspirational hooey? You won't be finding that here. Here you're going to find despair and carnage from the 80's & 90's.

Dead Souls by Joy Division

Just Another Victim by Helmet & House of Pain

Dead Bodies Everywhere by Korn

Government Flu by the Dead Kennedys

Things Have Never Looked Better by Alice Donut

Bodies piling up on the pavement I see the fire spreading in the street Bodies piling up on the pavement I see the city burning down

Kill Everyone Now by Nomeansno

Faith Collapsing by Ministry

Third Eye by Tool

Fade to Black by Metallica

Lights in the Sky by Nine Inch Nails (Waving Goodbye Remix)


One in Ten? One in One Hundred? One in One Thousand? Someone's getting the short straws.

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