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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

For the past few weeks, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump have been engaging in some political theatre. Their parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, ensured that their goals were met for 2020 fundraising. The Democrats embarrassed the President and caught him on a technicality. And the Republicans kept their man in power.

In China, the Wuhan Virus is a seminal event in World History and it is being downplayed for a number of reasons. All of them bad.

Read yet another alarming story in the Daily Mail (UK) about the now everyday tribulations in China, this time: Coronavirus mass arrests: Eighty-six people die of virus in a DAY in China as Beijing starts rounding up sufferers and videos show hazmat suit-clad goons dragging people from their homes while death toll hits 724.

Re-read that. Go to the videos at the Daily Mail.

Let me ask you readers a question. What would happen right here in Cleveland, Ohio, if the police in hazmat suits broke down doors and dragged flu victims out? Those scenes would be all over social media, all over the local news, all over the national news. Lawyers would be swarming police stations screaming that individual's civil rights were being violated. Depending on the flu victim's politics, they could potentially be screaming their dying breaths that Donald Trump himself had overstepped his Presidential Powers and deprived them of their human rights granted to them by the United States Constitution.

But even as the Communists are having trouble controlling the message of what's happening on the ground in China, they continue to scrub images from social media as "fake news." The government touts "positive" virus control results.

The above screen shot isn't Google, it's Baidu. Baidu is currently the fifth most visited website in the entire world and the second most visited website in all of China. If you click on the Fight Pneumonia tab, you'll find out all statistics you need to know.... confirmed by National Health Commission. Do you really trust the Chinese Government's reporting? In all of Hubei, the death rate is still between 2-3%. Even companies like Baidu are forced to acknowledge certain realities in the country. Realities like, if 743 are cured in Wuhan, and 545 are dead in Wuhan, what about the other 12,000 or so others? Are they quarantined? Are they in critical condition? Are they in the newly constructed hospitals?

Are all patients being counted? Are there really already over 100,000 cases?

Is this fake?

Is this fake?

CNN seems content to take the government's word at face value in order to keep from being expelled from the country. The Daily Mail simply publishes viral videos and doesn't kowtow to the Chinese Government.

Now you could argue that Chinese news outlets are attempting to suppress information as not to induce panic. Okay, are you alright with trading human rights in exchange for temporary calm? This outbreak seems to be burning through all of its checkpoints and quarantines....


The Wuhan Virus is not SARS, it's not going to burn itself out. The problem is that society has to slow the virus' spread until a vaccine can be found, developed, and then deployed. That process takes time. How do you buy time? Well, if you're in China, that means you shoot the messengers of the outbreak. You could argue there are no mass graves, and I could argue that crematoriums are running at full blast. Citizen Journalist Chen Qiushi is missing and there is a crackdown on unauthorized government news sources.

This is not a new occurrence in China. Right now, right this second, there are hundreds of thousand of Chinese in re-education camps in the region of Xinjiang. China says: "What re-education camps? We have voluntary Chinese History Centers."

But unlike other events in China, propaganda won't eradicate the Wuhan Flu, and this is the crux of this article. Right now, people in America are talking politics and making flu memes.....

....but if Americans treated patients like the Chinese are treating patients, there would be global panic. There would be Beginning-of-Walking-Dead-Level carnage.

What if the Chinese are lying about the numbers (possible) and 40% of the people who get the Wuhan Flu die? That means a Black Death level of global attrition. Sooner or later, scientists outside of China are going to figure out the real statistics once this strain of flu hits their nations.


In the year 2021, once the Wuhan Virus has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across all continents (except Antarctica), the world is going to look back at China with disapproving eyes. You could say, what can we do to China? I'm telling you, if the shit hits the fan and millions die because of the way China handled the first waves of the Wuhan Flu, repercussions could be as small as trade sanctions and could range up to the dissolution of the United Nations.


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