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CNN v The Flu

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You know what spreads fast in Trump's Racist America, according to CNN? Flu racism!


Here's the problem. There are real stories on the ground in Wuhan. People who report

from a free press perspective are all over that angle.

CNN's headlines should scream "Where's Chen Qiushi?"

The Chinese government responds "there's nothing to see here."

CNN's headlines should ask "What are the incinerators for?"

The Chinese government responds "there's nothing to see here."

CNN's headlines should question "What's that lab do next to the Wuhan Market?"

The Chinese government responds "there's nothing to see here."

CNN's headlines should examine China's Quarantine Procedures.

The Chinese government responds "how do you like having offices in China?"

There's lots of stories about the flu in China, but due to limited press freedoms and limited civil liberties, it is hard to report from China, it just is. But CNN should be championing the free press and demanding answers. This past week reporters from the Wall Street Journal were expelled from China for straying from the Government Controlled message in relation to the flu outbreak. Every article from CNN related to the crisis in China contains the phrase "according to China's National Health Commission (NHC)."

When the flu breaks out in America, do you think that CNN will accept "according to Donald Trump's Government" as their primary sourcing? At this point of the Flu Game, CNN is content with being The Daily Beast.....


Why do I keep harping on CNN's non-neutrality? Simple. CNN is SUPPOSED to be in news journalism business and they just aren't. Let me give you an example: In Minnesota, there are a lot of shenanigans in Ilhan Omar's 5th Congressional District. A LOT.

The Daily Beast is correctly focusing on the inconvenient facts of Danielle Stella's criminal record as the Spring Primaries approach. Danielle Stella has committed crimes that should have disqualified her from Government work. The problem with the article? It tells exactly HALF of the story of what's going on in the 5th District. What's the other half?

According to the Daily Mail (UK), Ilhan Omar has committed crimes that should disqualify her from Government work, also. The problem with the article? The Daily Mail is a tabloid, they aren't doing comprehensive reporting on issues in the district. Issues like Danielle Stella's criminal history, just salacious stories about Ilhan Omar.

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Beast are looking for stories to fill an overarching narrative.

When CNN prints stories about racism in connection to the flu response, they are reporting on their theme that Racist Trump Sucks. They need to be reporting on the facts, from multiple angles, not trying to fit a story into their corporate philosophies.

To prove a point, let's see if CNN picks up the Omar story or the Stella story in the next few days. CNN literally has hundreds of reporters, technically if they were an objective news organization they could do both sides of the story and then send out more reporters to Minnesota, they have the resources.

Just like they COULD do a deep dive in China, but they seem pre-occupied.


This is off topic, but I did bring up the Daily Beast. Last week, Patti Davis penned yet another article attacking Donald Trump and the Daily Beast published it. A few weeks beforehand, Davis had attacked Trump and it was so absurd, it inspired me to write "What Donald Trump Is....And Isn't."

So when the Daily Beast gave Davis yet another forum (because they are specifically looking for stories that already fit an overarching narrative), I already had my response locked and loaded. When the article dropped at the Daily Beast, I knew they would cross-promote it on Facebook. I then went over to Facebook and as soon as they shared, I immediately responded. I put on my seatbelt and prepared myself for waves and waves of criticism:


Not figuratively nothing. Literally nothing.

According to the Daily Beast itself, it has over 2 Million followers and 2 Million likes.

Over 600 people liked Davis' article. 2 people read my response. (I confirmed it on Wix.)

2. Both of them hated it.


While I was in the comments section, I was curious about some of the other responses. What struck me is that people just do not care about content. Some people cursed Davis herself, some praised Davis herself, what hardly anyone did was to reply on the substance of the writing, they simply responded to Davis and her famous Father.

I know it's sour grapes, there's no two ways around it, but there's no way 2 million people like The Daily Beast on Facebook. They have to be buying followers.

Like, 1.75 million followers.

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