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Miscellaneous (Feb 2020)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Do I think Rush Limbaugh should have gotten the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Heck no. Rush Limbaugh's reward for his opinions was money. A mountain of moolah.

The truest thing he ever said, though, was "I am equal time." Rush bragged that he was right around 98% of the time, but he didn't mean right as in correct (maybe in his mind), but Right as in Right Wing. He wore his beliefs on his sleeve and never, EVER, pretended to be a centrist.

But the outrage that Donald Trump received for giving Rush that medal was a bit befuddling.

Why? Because every President gives out egregious Medals of Freedom.

I actually thought Trump giving Tiger Woods a medal was a worse judgement.

Obama giving Gloria Steinem a medal was exactly the same as Trump for Limbaugh, just for team Left Wing instead of team Right Wing. As we have said before, Bob Dylan is overrated and should have had his Medal of Freedom taken away, James Taylor, too.

George Bush giving the award to Paul Harvey is basically the equivalent of what happened earlier this month. George Bush giving the award to Nancy Reagan seemed a bit gratuitous, but Presidents giving former President's wives medals is not unprecedented. In hindsight, how does Bush giving Bill Cosby a medal look today?

Ronald Reagan gave Eddie DeBartolo Sr. the Medal of Honor in the 80's, then Trump pardoned his scumbag kid earlier this month. Reagan also gave Frank Sinatra a Medal of Freedom despite his (rumored) mobster ties....

When the Senate voted not to impeach Donald Trump, I took a screen shot of the reaction.

I want you to read the titles of the Trump articles.

Do you see 8 stories from 8 perspectives, or 7 stories from 1 perspective?

That is why Rush said "I am equal time."

Look for the next Democrat President to give a Medal of Freedom to Chris Cillizza.


According to Chinese Authorities, the number of Coronavirus cases have dropped dramatically.


Oh, and while we're at it, where is Chen Qiushi?


In America, about 225,000 people die every single month. The population of America is around

325 million. Meaning, statistically, your chances of dying in any given month is around .07%. (Whether hit by train, wiped out by old age, or are a victim of heart disease.) If you get the coronavirus, your chances of death leaps to around 2-3%.

Think of that the next time you have a tickle in your throat and start to cough.


I know this is way off topic, but Harry and Meghan are miffed that the Queen won't let them use the word "Royal." You know what that sounds like? Copyright Lawyer Talk. Queen Elizabeth is 93 years old, look for Harry and Meghan to cash in on the Sussex Royal moniker about 3 seconds after the Queen hits room temperature.


"Hey Fred, watchya listening to today?"

"1988's Dragons by the Dayglo Abortions"

(Maybe we shouldn't ask Fred what he listens to anymore.)


Man, Metallica sucks. I read that they cancelled their appearances at Louder Than Life and Sonic Temple. The reason? James Hetfield's Mental Health. Listen, I know this is a very unpopular take, but let's pretend that James Hetfield was my Uncle who worked at the bank. In that case, I would want Uncle James to take care of himself. He's a great guy.

James Hetfield, the Metal Musician, I'm sure is a great guy too, but his job is to ignore his mental health and drink himself into the grave. Go on a bender and stay up late drinkin', whorin', and writin'. Basically go out like Lemmy.

The last time Metallica was great was in 1988 with their "...And Justice For All" release. Look at a calendar and tell me what year it is now.


If the United States government shut down Chad Daybell's Website, I bet that guy would rat out his new wife in about 3 seconds in order to keep publishing his gobbledygook.


Came across this nugget of propaganda today. (Propaganda you ask? Yes.) Chris Cillizza says this is what a Trump/Sanders Map COULD look like. I know I'm old, but this is what I believe the map WOULD look like for a Capitalist vs a Socialist in 2020.

Assuming that the race is Trump v Sanders, there is no major third party spoiler, like Romney, and that the flu is not at a pandemic level, Trump will win. In a landslide. I don't like Trump, but in a Trump v Sanders race, I cannot fathom Americans voting for a Socialist.

Chris Cillizza: "But everyone I know is voting socialist...."

Michael Tomasky would chirp in: I made a map at, too, and it has a Sanders LANDSLIDE! Look below


Ted and I did a pretty nice episode of Beacon of Speech a few weeks back. (#123)

Then it disappeared into the ether on upload.

Upgraded to new operating system in response.


p.s. I sent Chris Quinn my response to his decision to ending comments at I said instead of reading my comments on his platform, he needed to read my response on my platform.

He didn't click the link.

(I can track that on Wix.)

Then, just as I was about to click the Publish Post Button, Mr. Quinn came up with some fresh gibberish:

Let’s start with the acknowledgment that a lot of what we cover is pretty much automatic for a major news outlet. Cleveland City Hall. County government. Crime. Courts. Education. Politics. The Statehouse. Elections. Issues like marijuana legalization, gambling, transportation, poverty and healthcare. The Browns, Indians, Cavs and Buckeyes. And music, dining, wine, beer, Lake Erie and the weather.

What else? We do have limited resources, so please tell me where you think we should devote them. Chris Quinn 2-29-20

As a major newspaper in America, you should never, EVER, go with the limited resources quote. The Press is long gone. is basically a monopoly. You know what? I'm not responding to Chris Quinn, he's a Paper Tiger.

I am going to respond to his bosses.

(And not get a reply either....)


Addendum 2:00 PM on Leap Year Day:

Every time I say I'm done with Daily Beast, someone writes an intriguing story that reminds me as to why it's one of my 'go to' news sites. Xi Jinping has been less than transparent in the whole coronavirus process.

I'm glad there's finally someone on a national level with the bravery to call out Xi Jinping's duplicity.

Kudos to The Daily Beast, and specifically, Brendon Hong. Brendon Hong deserves a Pulitzer.


Note: Had issues when updating Blog here. No content changes.

#clevelandcom #THEFlu

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