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CNN v The Flu 4 -or- I'm Not Stupid

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Since JANUARY, I've been begging CNN to do a story of what's going on in Wuhan from ground level. Citizen-journalists reporting from the epicenter of the pandemic. Every time citizen journalists tried to get the word out to the global community, they disappeared. But for some reason, both CNN & Donald Trump were too busy with impeachment to do a comprehensive fact-check deep in the heart of China.

Now, in APRIL, CNN finally does a story from a citizen-journalist out of China. Good, I can stop

beating that drum.

Then I read the story and it was a flat out FARCE.

Now don't get me wrong, Devika Koppikar seems like a nice lady, but she's not Chinese. She's an American. An American who has worked in China for the past 4 years and has lived under Chinese quarantine. Okay, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Let's see....

She misses Starbucks....

It's scary under quarantine in a foreign country.....

She works in the city of Wu---


Where in the hell is WUXI?

Wuxi is an 8 hour drive to Wuhan.

If I went about 8 hours East from my home in Cleveland, Ohio, you know where I'd be? In New York City, probably somewhere on Long Island.

Again, I don't blame Koppikar for writing the article, it was informative, but not very probing. I mean it was full of the mental challenges of being quarantined. I saw nothing that would alert Chinese Censors inside of China of her 'subversive' presence. What CNN was selling is that life in quarantine will be hard, just like it was in China.

Uh, that's CNN's angle? Let me give you an example from a different perspective. Let's say that a Chinese journalist wanted to show what was going on at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in America. I think it's fair to say that today, April 1, 2020, that epicenter is New York City. They could send a reporter right up to the steps of any hospital in the New York City area. That reporter could see the triage tents and they could see comings and goings of doctors and patients. They could take pictures of dead bodies filling trucks. They could easily access local coronavirus rates by watching the evening news.

What is so hard about an American Press company reporting on what's going on in Wuhan? You say the Chinese Government doesn't allow it? Well then you pull up stakes and pull your people out of the country and tell Americans that the Chinese are hiding something. Then when Chinese citizen-journalist smuggle you real news, you print it.

You wouldn't print a story from Fred Hunt in Cleveland to find out what's going on in New York, why is CNN trying to convince consumers of news that a story about Wuxi is relative to what's going on in Wuhan?


You know what article would have been equally valid?

Why Chris Cillizza and CNN shouldn't get credit for (finally) realizing coronavirus is actually deadly serious- by Donald Trump

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