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Miscellaneous (April 2020) -or- Leadership Failures

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

As Donald Trump continues to shift blame to literally anyone who crosses him in a public forum, what I haven't heard (yet) is Hillary Clinton chirping in that she would have done a better job. I'm not saying whether she would have or wouldn't have, what I'm saying is that eventually she will say that she would have.

Was Hillary Clinton on the record imploring Donald Trump to do something about the coronavirus in January of 2020? Of course she wasn't, she was all in on Trump's Impeachment and promoting her Hulu series "Hillary." That's not me speculating, here's H. Clinton on her media tour in February of 2020.

What presidential candidate was talking about coronavirus, on the record, in January of 2020? Hint: It's a trick question:

The answer is: Who is Ralph Nader?

Nader's letter to President Trump warning of the coronavirus threat in January.


I was bitchin' about the Qataris even before Beacon of Speech started, I complained about them stealing the World Cup in one of my articles while still working part time at TopTenz.


You know who's the biggest dolt in corporate entertainment?

Robert Greenblatt

How do I figure?

Back in January of 2011, he inherited a Must-See TV Thursday comedy lineup of

8:00 Community

8:30 30 Rock

9:00 The Office

9:30 Parks and Rec

Within 3 years, Must-See TV was dead.

I just watched the finale of the universally praised Good Place, and one of the people credited for its success was Robert Greenblatt.

Let's see, he greenlit arguably one of the best comedies of the past decade for 4 seasons and 52 episode. Ummm, that's not very long. So he ran NBC straight into the ground, then is credited for pulling it out of last place amongst the networks?

Based on the Good Place? The Good Place was good, but not better than the 4 shows combined that it replaced. (And no, not Superstore & Good Place, either.)


Until this week, I never fully understood why the U.S. Census mattered.

I knew that the government used it to set up congressional districts and stuff like that, but I believe the founders used it to prevent other, more sinister, scenarios, like....

In China, they are holding true to their coronavirus numbers. I have said over and over that China lied. I'm not the only one. Some have alleged even worse scenarios than I have even mentioned:

Feb. 5, 2020

April 7, 2020

April 8, 2020

China is set to do their census this fall, let's see what kind of numbers the Chinese Government rolls out next year for the city of Wuhan.


If you want to listen to a good album from top to bottom, listen to Burn Embrace from Telepathy. Very sludge-y & post-metal-y, it is an inspirational, yet dark, auditory adventure.


I kept cranking out CNN-bias articles and finally broke down and wrote to CNN itself to tell them that they had truly lost their way with their coronavirus coverage.

It was hard for me to find who to contact with my disapproval. When I finally dug up their generic contact information, I sent my email off to

I got a bounce-back email that their comments link no longer existed.

So I wrote to an independent news source that I respected and asked them to do a story about Jared Kushner and Chelsea Clinton. How NEITHER should be considered virologists.

On Feb. 24, 2020, Chelsea Clinton wrote an article for CNN about how America was unprepared to handle the coronavirus under Donald Trump.

I quickly wrote on my blog that I agreed that America was unprepared, but I didn't want to hear from the kid of Donald Trump's biggest political enemy, I wanted to hear from a virologist.

Then today, I was STUNNED to read this at CNN from editor Chris Cillizza "Wait, Jared Kushner is the coronavirus Guru now?"

Why are Jared Kushner OR Chelsea Clinton in ANY coronavirus conversations?

I thought the topic would make a good article from a libertarian point of view.


Fred @ Beacon of Speech

No one replied.


Hey, hey, those magical kidney stones are coming out tomorrow.

See you on the flip side.



The Cleveland Plain Dealer & are sister companies. eliminated their comments section a few months ago to save money. Instead of re-investing that money, they put it in their pockets.

This week, the remaining journalists were assigned duties in surrounding suburbs, only writers would cover Cleveland.

  • What the PD is doing is union busting at its most fundamental level.

  • What is doing is silencing its critics.

This was the most reacted to LOCAL story today:

A picture of lightning.

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