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60 State Solution

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Democratic Party claims that it isn't fair that Washington, Douglass Commonwealth isn't a state and is moving to make it the 51st State.

Guess what? Life isn't fair. But you know what? Let's try and fix the "fairness" problem by making territories states (if they choose), breaking up states that are over-populated, and solve some long-standing Indian issues. Let's rip that band-aid right off in one motion.

51st State: Washington, Douglass Commonwealth

Population wise, Washington DC is about the size of Vermont or Alaska.

52nd State: Western Pacific Islands (Guam and Northern Mariana Islands)

Both Guam and the Northern Mariana Island are currently separate territories of the United States. What you do is you give both territories a vote. If they vote for independence, off they go. If they vote for statehood, they are combined and become the 52nd State.

53rd State: Matwau

We're going to go back in time, back to the year 1900. Instead of merging the Oklahoma Territory and the Indian Territory, we are going to split them back up. Oklahoma would revert back to the Oklahoma Territory boundaries of 120 years ago and the Indian Territory would be re-named Matwau. You would have to tweak some State Rules, but Matwau would be an American Homeland for all Native Americans like Nunavut is in Canada. Don't tell me there's all types of Indian Tribes, I know that, but they're going to have to figure all that self-governing stuff out for themselves. Can Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics stay in Matwau? Don't ask me, ask the Matwau State Government. Only rule for the new state is that they can't secede from the Union.

54th State: Puerto Rico (and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

In 2017, Puerto Rico voted to become a state. The U.S. Government said "eh, not so fast."

Since Trump screwed up the hurricane response, we'll give the citizens a few years to calm down and vote again. If Statehood passes a second time, they'll be the 54th State. Because of Puerto Rico's proximity, you could annex the U.S. Virgin Islands, but I would let them vote to see if they want independence instead. The 54th state would have about the same population as Utah.

55th State: West Texas

56th State: North Texas

Texas has the right to break up into as many as 5 smaller states. That's not me speculating, apparently there's some clause in the State's Constitution that allows such a maneuver. If Texas decides to split, I don't think there's anything the Federal Government can do about it. In the setup above, I believe that "New" Texas and North Texas would be 2 of the 5 largest states in a 60 State America.

57th State: Southern California

58th State: Northern California

Editor's Note: "New" California would be in dark blue.

In California, Billionaire Tim Draper has repeatedly tried to get an initiative in front of the California Voters called Cal 3 which, in short, proclaims that the state of California "is too large and ungovernable." The California Supreme Court wants nothing to do with Cal 3 and has shelved the Proposition indefinitely.

59th State: New Amsterdam

People outside of New York City keep trying to split New York State in half. City folks hate the idea, country folks love the idea. One of the reasons cited as to why a split is a bad idea is that supposedly New York City pulls the state along economically. When the Covid-19 outbreak finally ends, I'm not so sure that will be the case anymore.

60th State: Superior

Historically, there have been multiple attempts by the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to secede from Michigan and become it's own state named Superior. The last attempt was in the 1970's

Just a few loose ends:

Idaho wants to split in half? No.

Parts of Oregon want to join Idaho? I would listen to that.

North Dakota and South Dakota want to merge into Megakota? I guess that's fine.

American Samoa could become an independent nation, they could unite with an independent Samoa, or they can stay a territory.

If you're a Democrat, you like some of the ideas because it gives you more representation in Congress.

If you're a Republican, you like some of the other ideas because it gives you more representation in Congress.

Maybe Congress should study if they're good ideas or not. I have no problem with making Washington DC a state, as long as you correct other long-standing geographical problems at the same time.

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