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A Beacon of Speech/CNN Quiz

Went to CNN at 9 AM today to see what was in the news. Hmmm. Lot's of Covid-19 information, that's depressing.

Let's head on over to the Daily Mail (UK), there's obviously nothing more than coronavirus news today.


The lead story at the Daily Mail is Kanye, who may or may not be having a Manic Episode according to his wife. Whether you agree with his intentions or not, Kanye is a Presidential Candidate.

Now boys and girls, take out a pen and paper and please answer one question.

Why is CNN ignoring Kanye?

A. Because every vote Kanye West gets for President takes a vote away from Joe Biden.

B. Because CNN does not exploit the mentally ill.

C. Because CNN believes that Kanye is not newsworthy.

D. Because CNN believes that all of his shenanigans are to promote his new album.

E. They're not ignoring him, their entertainment reporter is busy.

F. Because CNN ignores all third party candidates.

100% Grade A

If you selected choices A & F

Grade B

If you selected either A or F

Grade C

If you selected option D. It is feasible, but doubtful, that all of this is a publicity stunt. In CNN's defense, they have been tricked before.

Grade D

If you selected choice E, in theory, CNN's entertainment reporter could be working on the story, but, again, Kanye is a Presidential Candidate. CNN does not want to treat West in that manner.

Grade F

If you selected B & C

If you selected B or C

CNN claims Trump is mentally ill, has no problems slapping him on the front page nearly every single day.

If you selected B & C & E

You simply do not get it.

Go to the CNN search engine and type in Kanye and 10 stories in the last 10 days come up.

Ask yourself why is CNN not covering Kanye's 1st Presidential Rally?


I feel bad for Kanye West, I genuinely do. Why? Just like Hollywood exploits young starlets, the men in the Kardashian Universe all end up as tabloid fodder and tossed aside. It never ends well for the XY Gang in any Kardashian situation.


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