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A Series of Very Unpopular Opinions

Why in the hell was Bruce Willis still working?

Bruce Willis was beloved, but his professional decline wasn't unnoticed. He was 67 years and when the Razzies recognized his terrible work with its own category, that should have been a giant red flag.

But no, despite his movies making $2.5 billion at the box office, and Willis himself having a net worth of $250 million, someone should have intervened on Bruce Willis' behalf to have him stop working. Instead his family went to the tabloids to say how much they loved Bruce. Uh, they should have loved him enough to pull the plug on his career years ago.

Instead the Razzies, which were created as a lighthearted counterweight to the Oscars, were put in the uncomfortable position of revoking Willis' Razzie. Uncomfortable because the people at the Razzies just assumed Bruce Willis had lost his fastball and made bad decisions. They couldn't imagine his family would keep trotting him out like an old show horse to do movies if he actually had a form of dementia.

Is Evan Rachel Wood stupid?

Evan Rachel Wood was back in the news this week talking about what a horrific person Marilyn Manson is.

The last thing we like to do at Beacon of Speech is victim blame. But we are going to say it yet again, Marilyn Manson said himself that he was the Anti-Christ. It was very well known in the music community that Manson was a terrible guy. Even me, from my living room in Cleveland, Ohio, knew that Manson had literally done a mountain of drugs in his lifetime. There hasn't been an American since the original Charles Manson that has had EVIL more clearly written on their forehead.

Rolling Stone Magazine culled story after story of Manson's bad behavior and presented their case in The Monster Hidden in Plain Sight late last year. Rolling Stone's Thesis? Manson gave the appearance of a Bad Guy, who pretended to be a Good Guy, who was secretly a REALLY BAD GUY.

Ugggh. Really? You go through the list of accusations by Wood against Manson in Vanity Fair

and your first question should have been "How in the world did she stay with him for 4 years?!?!?" Either Manson did an extraordinary job in his <ahem, ahem> husbandly duties, or, at one time, the two of them shared in the same vices. Vices that may seem distasteful in hindsight.

I understand abused women who stay with their abusers because of children or due to a untenable financial situation, but Wood had her own successful career. There was no reason whatsoever for her to stay with him. Zero.

Now you may want to know my backstory, wanting to know why I would be so dismissive. Listen, neither you, nor I, have ever dated anyone who was the self-proclaimed DEVIL.

What if Putin didn't miscalculate?

Last week I read an excellent article at the New York Times: What if Putin Didn't Miscalculate.

The Ruble, which tanked after the invasion of Ukraine, has now rebounded to pre-war levels. Did Putin get lucky, or did he plan on re-structuring the Ruble anyhow?

The conventional wisdom is that Putin miscalculated when he didn't take Kyiv. I am afraid that the New York Times may be right in their assessment of Putin.

There is a darkness about Putin now. I don't think the invasion of Ukraine has been 10 years in the planning, but something that sparked during the pandemic. Right before the Russians invaded Ukraine, Putin told you that he thought Ukraine was part of Russia. Then he amassed troops on the border for months. In hindsight, none of his actions seem like they weren't premeditated by a year or two.

I ain't working in the MetaVerse.

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about my own version of hell.

I want to revise my version of hell. Working at the MetaVerse Chipotle may be it.

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