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Apparently, We Are NOT in this Together

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Let's review this, because the people at the Blaze are still having problems....

Let's say the death rate of the coronavirus is 1%, again, just for argument's sake. (As of this printing 1.76 million confirmed cases, 103,000 deaths, which is around a 5% death rate. So we are assuming that, at 1%, 10 million Americans have had it.) When the coronavirus hit the shores of America, death rates were estimated to be between 2-3% in China, but up to 6-8% in Italy. There are 330 million or so people in America. IT IS SIMPLE MATH, 3 million people could die if every citizen became infected at just the 1% death rate. I AM NOT A SCIENTIST, but in order to prevent deaths in the first wave, you needed to socially distance. Now that the summer is here, the first wave is receding and relaxing restrictions, based on science and history, makes sense. If you figure out what worked and didn't work in the first wave, you will be more prepared for the possible second wave.

The Blaze continues to scream that the models were wrong....

The second wave of the 1918 Pandemic was NOT in the summer. When is the last time you had a summer flu?

I believe there will be a Wave II in the fall. Not on Memorial Day, not on July 4, not on Labor Day, but when it gets cold and drizzly, like mid-October, when people normally start catching different viruses. I'm not saying we have to re-close everything, I'm saying that we now have 3 or 4 months to catch our breath and prepare.

Don't forget, the coronavirus could mutate and become more virulent, or, on the flip side, it could become less dangerous. Ramping up test kit production would be helpful.

We need to prepare for the second wave and stop playing politics with the first wave. With an election day in November, unfortunately the mood of the country is the exact opposite. In many cases, your politics, and not science, influences what you think of the virus. Would you say we have all rallied around the President to fight the coronavirus in America? Uh, no.

Again, as noted in other articles, you can claim the economy is too important to shut down in order to save the poor and the elderly, you just can't cite the Bible while saying it.


Stole this because it pissed me off. Let's answer the question first, of course the cop kneeling on the right offends me more.

The Minneapolis Policeman in question should be arrested and tried for murder in a court of law. The other 3 cops lollygagging around the scene should be fired. It is really that simple. Within a day of the crime, (selective) Social Justice Warriors Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James had both weighed in on their respective social media platforms.

But let me review the facts of the George Floyd Case:

White Cop

Black Victim

Just last year, the New York Times reviewed the case of a Black Minneapolis Policeman that was sent to jail for accidentally killing a White Woman. The headline read A Black Officer, a White Woman, a Rare Murder Conviction. Is It ‘Hypocrisy,’ or Justice?

Same police department, no national outcry. The outcry was just the opposite, Mohamed Noor, many argued, would not have gone to prison if he was white. If you look at the facts of the case, very clearly Mr. Noor should have served jail time. The problem is the racial component didn't fit the narrative by many in the media, and, more importantly in this case, Kaepernick's & James' narrative.

If Colin Kaepernick or LeBron James were local preachers in Minneapolis, their words would carry more weight, because they would be looking out for their fellow citizens and not cashing in on violence. Part of a preacher's job in Minneapolis is the word of God, but also part of their job is to emphasize the Minneapolis Community in their aspect of worship. But James and Kaepernick are athletes, athletes that have made millions of dollars in "racist" America. The ruse here is that Millionaire Kaepernick and Millionaire James are Social Justice Warriors. They are only Social Justice Warriors when it comes to White Cop/Black Citizen violence.

Now there are Social Justice Warriors in every community in America. What's the difference between say, James and Kaepernick and local Cleveland activist Art McKoy? Great question. Whether you love compassionate Art McKoy or hate grandstander Art McKoy, his motives are to bring awareness to crime in his community.

When Kaepernick and James speak out against a certain slice of social injustice, you realize that they are paid by Nike to market that same outrage against the system to sell merchandise to said minority populations.

Kaepernick and James don't see their bosses as the owners in the NFL or NBA, but their business interests at, specifically, Nike. The CEO of Nike has used the athletes to market their high priced athletic gear to the same populations that are being marginalized on the streets.

I don't have the answer, you have to answer for yourself: Do you think that James and Kaepernick have given back to their communities more, or do you think they have taken more from their communities by monetizing their social activism in the form $200 Shoes (LeBron) or the new line of Keapernick Products (coming soon)?

Again, as noted in other articles, you can claim you are a social justice warrior, you just can't exploit the very populations monetarily that you claim to be bringing awareness to.


Well, well, well, getting buried by the George Floyd Case is the Jaden Hayden Case. On the very same day as the George Floyd Case broke, this story gained some traction on right-leaning platforms.

A young black man was caught on camera beating an old white man who nearly died of his injuries. That young black man was paid to take care of seniors, just like the police officer above was paid to protect the citizens. Young Jaden Hayden....

You know what? I'm going to stop right there. From now on I'm not a free speech advocate. I am a White Senior Citizen Advocate. I am over 50 and white. Every time a white senior citizen is abused by a black nurse I am going to take to the pages of Beacon of Speech and decry the most abused population in the United States of America, white senior citizens.

I don't care about China.

I don't care about the young.

I don't care about anyone but the abused senior citizen. And every time elderly abuse happens, if it fits the narrative that I want to present, I will be there at the forefront demanding Nursing Home Staffs are held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law even when the slightest of abuses take place. The coronavirus epidemic? Abuse of the elderly. You see the death rates in seniors over 70? Who's protecting our seniors?

Oh, and by the way, since I'm already advocating for seniors, lots of 'em need catheters. You can get free samples above, but those catheteres are no good. You need to buy the $250 Fred Hunt Catheter Kits that aren't covered by insurance. That seems steep? Listen, they're the FRED HUNT CATHETERS, you are not only buying top of the line catheters, but the Fred Hunt Brand of successful Senior Living. I also sell wheelchairs, only $2,000 for the Top Roller Fred Hunt Wheelchair. We do not take Medicare, we take cash. What sets our company apart? We will custom paint your Wheelchair to the color that most suits your personality or even the colors of your high school alma mater. Did I mention my wheelchairs are more comfortable and have more wheel mobility than your average wheelchair. Walkers? We got 'em! The $350 Titanium Fred Hunt Walker....

(You see how that marketing game is played now?)


Talking about games, there is no analogy that illustrates we aren't in this together better than Major League Baseball.

Do we need baseball? No, but it is ingrained in the American Psyche like a Mother's Love or Hot Apple Pie, so people want baseball.

The problem is very simple. Money.

The initial "soft" proposal from the owners was half the baseball games at half the salary. Supposedly the player's union had given a "soft" vote of confidence for that plan.

Baseball has few contact plays on the field and very little of the action, except for at home plate, is inside of social distancing norms. The problem with baseball would be putting fans in the stands. TV wouldn't be a problem, but then you find out that baseball's business model is heavily slanted toward the live experience. Apparently if there's no fans in the stands, (to my knowledge, the local Cleveland Indians have not been okayed to have thousands of fans in the stands), owners don't want to get soaked because they won't be able to charge $20 for parking and $8 for beer, for example.

So ESPN Reports that this is the "on paper" proposal:

For the players, instead of a flat 50% decrease based on 50% less games, the scale goes down as salaries go up, with every dollar:

  • $563,501 to $1 million paid at 72.5%

  • $1,000,001 to $5 million paid at 50%

  • $5,000,001 to $10 million paid at 40%

  • $10,000,001 to $20 million paid at 30%

  • $20,000,001 and up paid at 20%

I'm not sure what you do for a living, but if you had a guaranteed contract and your boss wanted you to take an 80% pay cut so he could still make a profit, would you do it? Now you're saying that if you were a baseball player, you love the game of baseball enough to take that cut because that's what would be best for the game of baseball for one year. Well, you're a good man. How many players would put "the game" above themselves?

Let's say you're a policeman. how much less money are you willing to take to do your job if your local tax revenues are being affected by the coronavirus lockdowns?

Take your specific job, right now, right this second. How much less money are you willing to take to stay employed. Would that number change if your ownership group said they weren't taking less money, only employees would be taking less money? Where is your money line?

All great trials in American History have required sacrifice. Right now, no matter what the circumstances, between a once in a century pandemic, a once in a generation urban riot, to the worst economic downturn in 80 years, we are fighting about which Americans need to sacrifice and which ones don't.


Editor's Note I:

Don't tell me Colin Kaepernick sacrificed money. He opted out of his 49'ers contract, then the money he lost was made up by his settlement with the NFL and his Nike endorsement deal. Your sourcing says that Kaepernick didn't make that much in his settlement? Don't believe it. If Kaepernick 'leaked' that he only made $10 million (off the record), then the NFL comes out on the record and says that Kaepernick lied and they gave him $50 million, Kaepernick could sue the league again for violating the non-disclosure agreement.

There is a reason that both Kaepernick and the NFL signed a non-disclosure settlement.

You remember when Kaepernick went to ESPN and tore up the settlement agreement and spoke into the camera and said "I can't be bought?" You don't remember it because it didn't happen.

How do I know this? Back during one of Josh Gordon's suspensions, his people leaked that he failed his drug test because of second hand marijuana smoke. The local press was outraged. The NFL refused comment because any comment would have violated the collective bargaining agreement. Then, years later, Gordon admitted he failed the drug test because he was on PILES of drugs. If Kaepernick's settlement was "only" $5 to $10 million, he could ask the NFL to wave the non-disclosure terms. (Which he is not doing.)

Editor's Note II:

We have been very consistent since Day 1 of Beacon of Speech.

Do not vote for Trump.

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