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Are You On the Right Side of History? Libertarian Edition

Article after article decry that America is sliding toward Civil War. Let me give you a hint as to who might win an American Civil War: The team with the guns.

But until that day happens, those yearning for liberty better make sure that they know what liberty means.

  • Clarence Thomas - Quite frankly, I was stunned when Samuel L. Jackson called Clarence Thomas 'Uncle Clarence.' Jackson went on to reference the Supreme Court Case Loving vs. Virginia in regards to Clarence's personal life. I like Jackson, but at the end of the day, he is an actor, (albeit one of the best ones). His criticism underlies a different type of racism in America. There is no "right" way to be Black, just like there's no "right" way to be White.

  • Brittney Griner - I don't like Brittney Griner. I don't like the WNBA. I have heard her called the Shaq of the WNBA, I don't like Shaq. Set all of those facts aside for a minute, what is happening to her in Russia is a war crime. Brittney Griner should be released immediately from her Russian Prison Cell. She is not a criminal, she is a political prisoner.

  • Julian Assange - In the 1890's, the Newspaper Wars raged in America. Assange has taken that spirit and incorporated it into modern times using the internet as his version of a newspaper. He is nothing more than an Independent Editor. Assange should be protected by the First Amendment instead of incarcerated and extradited.

  • Edward Snowden - Something curious happened to Edward Snowden. Snowden would lob Truth Bombs about America from Russia year after year, day after day, multiple times a day. Then, 3 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Snowden tweeted this: "I'm not suspended from the ceiling above a barrel of acid by a rope that burns a little faster every time I tweet, you concern-trolling ghouls. I've just lost any confidence I had that sharing my thinking on this particular topic continues to be useful, because I called it wrong." Then his account went dark for about 3 months. Since I started Beacon of Speech, I believe the longest that I've gone without a post is 10 days. 3 months, for a content creator, is very, very suspicious. Then, when Snowden did come back, his content was almost exclusively Assange and Abortion. Again, it doesn't matter if it's Folk Hero Edward Snowden or the Goddamn Pope, there is clearly a bad guy in relation to the Invasion of Ukraine. (This Guy:)

  • Donald Trump - Donald Trump is not a Conservative, he is a Populist. Trump did not win the 2020 Election, no matter what you want to think. Trump Truthers will be judged very harshly by history.

  • Originalists - Rush Limbaugh used to call Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Anthony Scalia "Originalists," meaning they interpreted the Constitution by what it said. If they were truly originalists, they would throw ALMOST ALL CASES back to the States and abolish the ATF. If you want to start repealing Amendments, you can do that, there's a process, but instead of aiming for the 1st or 2nd, you should start out slowly and try to repeal the 16th.

  • Sonia Sotomayor - On the other hand Justice Sotomayor considers the Constitution a living, breathing document. That's a nice concept, in theory, until you realize she is interpreting it all wrong. Her philosophy is that, of course, the Founders wouldn't want people to own guns if they knew about school shootings. (Wrong). And, of course, the Founders knew liberty applied to all types of sexual freedoms. (Wrong again). She basically uses the Seance Technique of interpreting law. When it comes to liberty, what you do behind closed doors is fine, but you can't say that a religion criticizing sexual behavior is hate speech. Religion has Free Speech, Agnostics have Free Speech. Sotomayor simply likes to legislate winners and losers from the bench using her very liberal prism.

  • Meghan Markle - In the last few weeks, Markle weighed in on the abortion argument and the Uvalde Massacre. Her job? She is a B-List actor (at best), who's married to the Prince that's 6th in line to the English throne. If you know who she is, but not Spike Cohen or Justin Amash, you are part of the problem.

  • You are Alone - Billionaires aren't your friends. Politicians aren't your friends. Most of the people at your job aren't your friends. You know, for the most part,* who makes the best decision for you?


*My son is an aspiring musician. I tell him once a week "don't do heroin." He is sick of me saying it. But I read Al Jourgensen's book: Ministry: The Lost Gospels of Al Jourgensen, and the book talks about Uncle Al living his life in "Junkie Time." It was, like, the 5th rock biography that I read that warned you that you can overcome literally anything--except heroin. Don't forget, it's a miracle that Ministry is still touring, Jourgensen has died 3 times already. Any Libertarian that says ALL drugs should be legal is either an addict, or detached from reality. Heroin, as well as most opioids, should either be illegal or under the strict supervision of a physician. If you're under the influence of opioids, you are making bad decisions.

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