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Baker Mayfield is Playing it All Wrong

Since the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield is pissed and I don't blame him.

But he is playing "the game" in a poor fashion. If Mayfield wants to be traded or released, he needs to make the Cleveland Browns feel uncomfortable. If he sits at home, he is out of sight and out of mind. The Browns are still sticking to moving Mayfield on THEIR timetable. The best time to trade Baker was BEFORE the Browns signed Watson. Now the Browns have no leverage, no leverage whatsoever.

If I was Baker Mayfield's agent Tom Mills, I would call Mayfield into my office and plot to get my player released ASAP. This is exactly what I would tell the Browns' former starter:

"Listen, the Browns fucked you, now we're going to fuck the Browns. Here's what you're going to do. Grab the nearest Browns reporter and tell them that you're showing up to mini camp June 12-14. You're going to pretend like the Browns didn't screw you and you're going be a boy scout. You're also going to tell that reporter that you are looking forward to competing with Watson for the starting job. Also throw in that you're looking forward to mentoring young Josh Dobbs. Give it a day or two for Andrew Berry to react. If the Browns contact you and say you're not welcome at camp, tell them you're under contract and you're coming to mini camp whether they like it or not. Make sure you tell the Browns that you're willing to be arrested for showing up to camp in July. Also tell them that we're bringing our own PR team to record your "triumphant" return to Cleveland. Tell the Browns that you look forward to splitting first team reps with Watson in a fair quarterback competition. Then tell the press the same exact thing. You turn this whole affair into a circus and the Browns will cut you by the second day of July camp. You get your $18 million+ guaranteed money and other teams will line up for your services with almost no real practice time missed. When every other player in the league uses the threat of not playing as leverage, no real football fan is going to begrudge you for showing up to play. The Browns don't want to risk you splitting their locker room because they signed an "alleged rapist." Again, maybe tomorrow we'll set up some social media posts of you throwing the ball and post a caption that reads 'see you in Berea in June.' We are going to force the issue. If you're at camp that first day, that's the lead story on every sports show in America. The Browns look like idiots yet again. They don't want that headache."

And I would smirk every time the Browns called and screamed at me.

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