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Beating Putin at his own Game

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

There is no way Ukraine can win a war against Russia. No way, no how. All Ukraine can do is defend itself.

How can Ukraine beat Putin at his own game? Ahhh, now that's a totally different question. If I was Volodymyr Zelensky, I would tell my troops to hold their positions and fight for their country, but I would go all out in non-traditional warfare.

"President Joe Biden has said that sending US combat troops to Ukraine to fight a war with Russia is off the table." - CNN

I would get an EMP at any cost. An Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon is a game-changer. I would beg to buy just one EMP Missile from the United States. If the United States said "we have no such weapon," I would dump $100,000,000 in Hunter Biden's bank account and I bet one would show up.

I would send a half dozen sets of soldiers to Eastern Russia. Today. As Putin prepares to activate his false flags, I would be ready to activate mine. The 6 sets of Ukrainian soldiers would load up their vehicles with missiles and would be flying Russian flags. Hell, I would paint the Russian flag on the vehicles myself. The vehicles would set up along strategic Russian/Chinese crossing points between Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

As soon as Russian troops poured across the Ukrainian border, I would lob that EMP right into the Kremlin and activate my troops on the Chinese border, I would tell them to unload their missiles toward China then disappear into the Russian countryside.

As soon as the first missile hit Chinese territory, I would grab a microphone and scream "I stand with China against Russian aggression." Now here is where I would be taking a calculated risk. I believe there is only ruler on Earth on par with the Great Dictators of the 20th Century and that's Xi Jinping.

I don't think Xi Jinping gives a rat's ass about false flags. I think if some missiles hit his country, and they came from Russia, he now has an excuse to gobble up thousands of square miles of valuable natural resources. I would gamble that Xi would pour troops across the Russian Border, no questions asked. Anything less would be seen as weakness by the Communist Party.

As soon as the Chinese are in the Russian Eastern Wilderness, I win. Half of Russia's troops are pulled out of Ukraine to fight on the Eastern front and I'm confident my guys can hold their own. By the time Russia surrenders, I'm already digging a moat and building a wall on my Eastern border. Building my own version of a demilitarized zone between me and Russia. If my plan works, I just ensured that Ukraine exists in its current form for the next 200 years. Russia? Not so much. I crippled Russia, which strengthens Ukraine.

I'm not saying it's the right thing to do. I'm not saying it's what's best for the world. Let me be very clear, I'm saying that if I was Volodymyr Zelensky, that's what I would do.

You're saying 'what if China doesn't take the bait?' Well, if I just fight, I will probably lose half my land or simply get annexed. If the false flag doesn't work, I am getting annexed. If you don't like my idea, what's yours? The endgame being Ukraine exists in its current form.

I'm waiting.

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