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Best Song of 2022: 27 Questions

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Top Song of 2022?

Billboard: Bad Habit by Steve Lacy

Complex: Jimmy Cooks by Drake & 21 Savage

Rolling Stone: Titi Me Pregunto by Bad Bunny

Editor's Note: Disclaimer for all Rolling Stone references. Rolling Stone used to be a Rock Magazine.

NPR: FNF (Let's Go) by Hittkidd and GloRilla

Pitchfork: Belinda Says by Alvvays

Pop and Rap dominated the charts in 2022 and all of the songs above were smooth and catchy, which were the ingredients for mainstream success in the past year.

I'm not saying any of the above songs were bad, I really liked the Alvvays song, I'm saying none of them challenged you.

27 Questions grabbed me by the ears and made me listen.

Black Midi is ahead of its time and 27 Questions is the deep album cut that will take ahold of the masses at a later date, like a cult movie. 27 Questions is an original tune in a time of derivative tunes. Not easily categorized, Black Midi reminds me of Mr. Bungle if you had Scott Walker as their lead singer.

Who's Mr. Bungle?

Who's Scott Walker?


Black Midi is on the front end of the curve, instead of the back.

Hopefully they can make enough money to exist in an industry that doesn't reward forward thinkers.


I would be remiss to mention, Pitchfork did have Black Midi's Welcome to Hell as the 99th best song of 2022.

I would also be remiss not to post something from late in Scott Walker's discography, when he was still experimenting into his 70's.


Going back to that Rolling Stone list for a second. Out of a hundred songs, maybe 5 were rock (and we're being generous with the term "rock.")

Walking zombie Ozzy at #34? Yeah, I don't think so.

Surprisingly Rolling Stone slipped Reign of Error in at 92. I liked the style of that video.

None of those artists on Rolling Stone's Top 100 list cares if they're on that list, which will soon be problematic for a Boomer Website.


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