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Big Riots in Cleveland are Almost Here (II)

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

On Monday, we sent a link to the Daily Mail at 5:00 PM from We called our shot at Beacon of Speech and said "uh-oh, big riots in Cleveland are coming."

Because apparently Beacon of Speech sucks, we got a bounce-back email from the Daily Mail at 5:04 PM that they wouldn't accept our email because we were spammers. We may suck, but the last thing we are, are spammers. We barely read our emails. We rarely send emails.

But coincidentally, someone else did get through to the Daily Mail. By 5:15 PM on Monday, June 15, 2020....

Ted returned my call Monday evening and he said that Joe K heard about the Garfield Heights incident, but couldn't remember from which news outlet. If you read the Daily Mail story, they must have said "according to" at least a half a dozen times. Meaning they didn't send a reporter to Cleveland, they just reworded and sensationalized the original story. Which is partly what tabloids do.


Tuesday June 16, 2020

Rolled out of bed, fed the ducks, googled Kenta Settles.

The first 2 results were and the Daily Mail UK

These were the next 5:

Why did I include Blogger Balance 10? Because now the story is starting to burn locally, in the tabloids, and in the Blogosphere. Again, the actual story is 5 months old, but no one knew about it. In one day, it went from around a couple of thousand people knowing about it, to a couple of HUNDRED THOUSAND knowing about it.

As we have noted before, the CNN's and the FoxNews' of the world rarely break stories, they poach stories from local outlets, the tabloids, and the Blogosphere. Now this doesn't seem like a story that FoxNews would like. This does fit the narrative of a story that CNN would love. Right now, TheBlaze is digging into Kenta Settles' History to see if they're going to report on it or not.

It is now a few minutes before Noon on Tuesday. Behind the scenes, Corporate Newsrooms are abuzz with what to do about Kenta Settles.

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