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CNN's Quirky Existence

An article caught my eye at CNN: The California Recall is another Quirk of American Democracy.

The story was written by another CNN political hack, Zach Wolf. Now don't get me wrong, Wolf's research was spot on. I'm not arguing the facts of his article, I'm arguing with his angle. I don't ever remember CNN questioning the existence of Impeachment when Donald Trump was President. They seemed all in on the process to remove an elected official.

It only took me about 30 seconds of research to confirm my theory. I googled:

Zach Wolf CNN Impeach Trump

This was the second article that came up: How Trump's Second Impeachment will be Different than the First. From only 8 months ago, Zach Wolf wrote another fact filled, well researched article about Donald Trump. The gist of it? Thank god for the impeachment process.

Again, our view is impeach everyone or impeach no one. Not CNN's angle, which is don't impeach people we like, do impeach people we don't like. If you look closely, their philosophy is hidden in plain sight.

I don't care who you impeach. There is no politician that I would consider "unimpeachable." Or you could subscribe to the Rush Limbaugh theory that "Elections have Consequences."

Part of me is rooting for Trump to be re-elected so he can be impeached for a third or fourth time.

But that would be really bad for the country. Which part? The Trump Reelection or the Multiple Impeachments?


In 2015, we begged you not to vote for Trump in the Primaries.

In 2016, we begged you not to vote for Trump in the Election.

In 2019, we begged you not to vote for Trump in the Elephant Primaries. (Again.)

In 2020, we begged you not to vote for Trump in the Election. (Again.)

Please, for the love of God, please please please do not vote for Trump in 2024.

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