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Dabo Swinney: Scumbag

Has anyone else noticed that there's a pandemic?

Anyone? Anyone? Apparently Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney hasn't noticed. Oh, I take that back, on November 7, 2020, he noticed there was a pandemic because his Heisman quarterback Trevor Lawrence was sitting in his apartment with Covid-19. That day Clemson lost to Notre Dame 47-40 in double overtime.

But since then, not so much. Swinney has been beating the drum that teams like Ohio State should be penalized for not playing enough football games. You think I'm speculating? The 6-0 Buckeyes, who had 3 games cancelled related to the coronavirus, were just handed the #3 seed in the college football playoffs. Dabo Swinney had Ohio State ranked #11 in the coaches poll ballot, well outside of the threshold to get into the 4-team playoff. Swinney's arguement? Ohio State should have found a way to play football outside of their conference's rules.

Before I go on a long tirade about who controls who plays and doesn't play in college football, let's sum this up very succinctly.

Dabo Swinney is the highest paid football coach in America at over $9 million a year and wears his faith on his sleeve. Playing politics with the coronavirus is not the Christian thing to do, whether it be a politician, a news organization, or a FOOTBALL COACH. It is especially distasteful considering his salary and how much his players make by risking their health to play football.

Dabo Swinney has a job as long as he keeps winning football games. Even when he stops winning games, some other program will give him a chance to win football games for their school. What's going to happen is that no one at the CDC is going to give him a job. What would Jesus say about all of this?

Luke 25: 1-5

"When the plagues come, be sure to isolate from your family and focus on your athletic goals. Nothing is more important than fulfilling your potential with your body, through God, and landing that next level monetary contract."

(That last part may only be hand written in Swinney's Bible.)

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