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David Ca: російські покидьки

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Man, we are dancing around the very outer fringes of free speech.

These 3 people are really, really trying my patience.

David Ca: російські покидьки

There's a Russian Bot on Facebook named "David Ca." At first I thought David Ca might be Vladimir Putin's secret burner account, but even Putin himself would be embarrassed by Ca's Russian spin on modern events.

In the last 2 weeks, "Mr. Ca" has posted over 100 pro-Russian articles and propaganda points. The one below is a good example, Mr. Ca warns Americans what will happen when Russia drops hundreds of nukes on them in the near future.

I have a personal message for David Ca: You are the definition of a Keyboard Warrior. Putin is aggressively looking for soldiers to join the Russian Army. Old soldiers, Conscripts, and Foreign Nationals, time to put your money where your mouth is.

David Ca thinks I'm hiding behind a laptop? Um, I wrote a dozen Putin articles in the last year, about 1 per month. Hardly an obsession. Right before Russia invaded Ukraine, I hoped that Putin WOULDN'T start a war. This was the last thing I posted on Facebook and that was about a week ago:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am rooting hard for Ukraine. Ukraine has a right to exist and Russia has a right to exist. But I am under no delusions, Ukraine is not winning. I actually like Russia, but I think Putin's Brain broke during Covid. If Russia invaded Iran or China, I'd definitely still root for Russia. This Russia vs. Ukraine deal, though, is terrible, it is brother against brother.

Alex Jones: Mentiroso

Alex Jones got hit with a BILLION DOLLAR defamation penalty.


Morally, in the year 2022, I don't think there's any worse type of speech than being a Sandy Hook Denier. Sandy Hook happened, it is a matter of public record, and it has been reported on by over a hundred different independent news agencies.

And, in his last trial, Alex Jones admitted he was lying and that Sandy Hook was real. Supposed Free Speech Warriors have leapt to his defense? Alex Jones lied, knew he was lying, and specifically lied to move a far-right agenda for money. That is the very definition of the type of Hate Speech that should be restricted.

(Okay, maybe a Holocaust Denier is worse than being a Sandy Hook Denier.)

....speaking of which.

Kanye West: ג'קאס אמריקאי

C'mon Kanye, you should really know better. Attacking Jews? What the hell's wrong with you? I will never understand the vitriol toward Jews and specifically Israel. The Jewish Homeland itself is only about the size of New Jersey.

Since the days of Malcolm X there has been a disturbing undercurrent of antisemitism by Blacks who want equal rights for all...but not for the Jews.

You want to rail against the Jews? Not here you won't.


Just a side note:

If you go back to the map, David Ca wants Putin to Nuke places like Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, and the Gateway Arch.


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