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Did I Find a Russian Bot?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a very interesting (propaganda) story at RT:

Half of Ukraine's Army has now been Deployed to Donbass - Moscow.

Now that's not a news story. Ukraine can put their troops anywhere they want within the borders of Ukraine. UKRAINE IS A SOVEREIGN STATE. The Ukrainian Army aren't "deployed" anywhere within their own borders.

It is our position at Beacon of Speech that Russia has the right to exist and Ukraine has the right to exist. The Ukrainians and Russians are brothers who simply cannot get along. Of course that's an oversimplification, but the problem with Donbass is that Ukraine wants to exist in its current form and Russia wants to slowly chip away at its neighboring states to re-create the Soviet Empire.

Russians in Ukraine have a very simple solution for their displeasure with their Ukrainian Government, they can go back to Russia, which is only miles away. Moving from Ukraine to Russia for a Russian is not a seismic event, it's like moving between states in America. Mother Russia would welcome her children home with open arms. Instead, Putin is now playing the long destabilization game using foreign Russians as pawns. (This just doesn't happen in Ukraine. The Baltic States actually have a plan against this style of Putin warfare.) Putin doesn't want a costly and unpopular war, he is lurking in the shadows of a Propaganda War.

David Ca's claim is so outlandish, it made my hands twitch. Ukraine is NOT attacking Donbass. If you actually read the article at the Kyiv Post, here's one of the first paragraphs:

According to (the poll's) results, 76% of people living in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts believe that Ukraine is experiencing a civil war, not fighting against Russian-backed militants. - Kyiv Post

And there's the ruse. In Ukraine, over the past three years, the political instability has fractured Ukraine into dozens of political entities. There are 3 overarching political philosophies in Ukraine:

  • Those who want to be closer to Europe.

  • Those who want Ukraine to be Ukraine.

  • Those who want to be a satellite of Russia. (Like Belarus)

The "freedom fighters" in Ukraine think that they're going to overturn the Ukrainian Government with another Ukrainian Government friendlier to Moscow. What's going to happen is that slowly Donbass will be assimilated by the Russians, just like what happened in Crimea. If the Russians, (from Russia, not Ukrainian Russians), flooded Ukraine, what's to stop Ukraine from asking Americans to also enter Ukraine? What we have here is a chess match. What no one wants is a proxy war where Ukraine would be the loser. Ukraine doesn't really want either Americans or Russian troops within its borders.

But David Ca is not a real person, he is an avatar of the Russian Government. He could be an amalgamation of people, depending on what shift you're working at in the United Russia Party.

If you scroll though David's pictures, almost all are screen shots of Russian propaganda. And, another tipoff that he's a Bot, if you return to his first Facebook post, (apparently he first heard about this magical Facebook place in the Fall of 2020), it is loaded with accusation that the CIA has infiltrated the top levels of American Corporate Media to discredit Russia......

But the question of David Ca's existence raises a greater philosophical quandary. What if David Ca really was real? Even though I vehemently disagree with him, wouldn't his speech also be protected? Unpopular speech is still protected speech. What if David Ca is a pseudonym of a Canadian citizen who has a regular family by day and is a Russian sympathizer by night.


Now here's where things get tricky. In Russia's defense, is what RT does really any different than what CNN or FoxNews does in America?

For example, on January 6, 2021 there was a riot at the Capitol in Washington D.C.

CNN called the riot an "insurrection." It was not.

FoxNews called the rioters "overzealous." It was worse than that.

In a real insurrection, there would have been a plan in place to replace the rightfully elected Joe Biden with evil genius Donald Trump, who had developed a concrete, real-time plan to circumvent the Constitution. There was no such master plan. What happened that day was a giant sized, right-wing temper tantrum. But CNN, who is now nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party, and kowtows to the Chinese government, would have you believe that America was minutes away from having American Generals escorting Trump back to the Capitol in tanks.

That is a fairy tale.

The Capitol Riot was one of hundreds of riots in America since the pandemic broke. The optics of the Capitol Riot were clearly worse than the Social Justice Riots, but the Capitol Riot was neither the deadliest riot in America since the pandemic began, nor the costliest. Due to political philosophies, CNN would have you believe the Capitol Riot existed in a vacuum.

(The Supposed) David Ca and RT would have you believe the Russian presence in Donbass is virtually nonexistent. And, even if it did exist, the Russian presence would be honorable. At the same time, CNN would have you believe the Defund the Police movement inside of the Social Justice Riots was righteous. It was not.

If you want to see American Propaganda equivalent to RT's coverage of Ukraine, follow CNN's coverage of the Defund the Police movement as it destabilizes our own systems of government within the United States. As targeted mass robberies plague major metropolitan centers and riots in Portland have continued to this day, CNN is still loathe to question far-left wing talking points or give a platform to those who disagree with their agenda.

RT, carrying the water for the Russian Right and CNN doing the legwork for the American Left.

Your next question should be 'what matters more to corporate media entities, nationalism or idealogy?'

We'll talk about that on another day....

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