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Deplatform Political Parties

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

I was challenged by Jello Biafra to do research on these Black Massacres.

Okay, but he may not like my conclusions at the end.


New York 1863: I was vaguely familiar with the New York Draft Riots. What I didn't know was the depth of the carnage to the Black community.

Black Deaths: 120

Mayor: George Opdyke - Republican

Springfield 1908: The Springfield Race Riots had an estimated 5,000 whites attacking Black neighborhoods.

Black Deaths: 9

Mayor: Roy Reece - The Mayor tried to stop the mob, the mob threatened to "throw him in the fire, too." Was held hostage by mob for hours before securing his release.

Black Deaths 40-250

Chicago 1919: Worst of the Red Summer Riots

Black Deaths: 25

Mayor: William Hale Thompson - Republican

Washington 1919: The Democrat President Woodrow Wilson exacerbated all of the Red Summer Riots, with local newspapers fanning the flames, specifically in Washington.

Black Deaths: 5-15

Mayor (Technically Commissioner): Louis Brownlow - Democrat

Detroit 1943: At one point, it was simply White Mobs v Black Mobs.

Black Deaths: 25

Mayor: Edward Jeffries - Republican

Philadelphia 1985: Philadelphia Police bombed the headquarters of a Black militant group. Then the firemen let the fire burn for blocks.

Black Deaths: 11

Mayor: Wilson Goode - Democrat

(Still alive, age 82)

Notice most of the Northern Riots had their roots in the Civil War, World War I or World War II.


New Orleans 1866:

It was a continuation of the war: More than half of the whites were Confederate veterans and nearly half of the blacks were veterans of the Union army.

Black Deaths: 35-50

Mayor: John T. Monroe - Democrat

Memphis 1866:

The Memphis Riots really heated up when a White Police Officer shot a Black Veteran. (Sound familiar?)

Black Deaths: 46

Mayor: William Lofland - (Party Unknown)

St. Bernard Parish 1868: A massacre of Black Freedmen.

Black Deaths: 35-100

Mayor: Most certainly a Democrat

Opelousas 1868: A massacre of Blacks stemming from political party loyalty.

Black Deaths: 30-300

Mayor: Again, most certainly a Democrat

Camilla 1868: A massacre of Blacks attempting to organize politically.

Black Deaths: 12

Mayor: Again, most certainly a Democrat

Black Deaths: 62-150

Most of the violence of the Reconstruction Era stemmed from voting for Democrats or Republicans on the State Level.

Vicksburg 1874/Eufaula 1874/Clinton 1875/Thibadaux 1887/Wilmington 1898:

More violence of the Reconstruction Era involving White Supremacy and the Klan.

Atlanta 1906: Race Riot reported on across the globe.

Black Deaths: 25-100

Mayor: James G. Woodward - Democrat

Slocum 1910: Slocum is an unincorporated community in Anderson, County Texas. It is hard to pin down the exact number of Black Deaths from an all-White Mob. Today's total population numbers are around 200.

Black Deaths: 6-100

Mayor: None

Most of the corruption happened at the Sheriff and County level. Even 100 years later, there's a lot of details missing from this massacre.

Elaine 1919: Another small town massacre during the Red Summer, this time in rural Arkansas.

Black Deaths: 25-237

Mayor: None

Governor of Arkansas: Charles Hillman Brough - Democrat

The governor himself went to Elaine in 1919 and things went from bad to worse for the locals.

Ocoee 1920: The Ocoee Massacre was the Single Bloodiest day in American Political History. (Meaning it happened on Election Day.)

Black Deaths: 30-35

Mayor: None

Tulsa 1921: The news has been filled with 100 year anniversaries of this massacre. In Modern Tulsa's defense, they don't try to hide from their history: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre from the Tulsa Historical Museum.

Black Deaths 39-200

Mayor: T. D. Evans - Republican

Most of the Southern Riots coincided with Reconstruction.

Oh, I forgot, Charleston 2015: Yeah, lone gunman shooting up a building, we'll address that later.

Now am I ready to defund the police? ARE YOU ON CRACK? NO!!!

Everything I just wrote about is easily accessible on internet. It's not hidden information. Try finding out about Tiananmen Square from China. I have no problem teaching the above information in History class as a supplement to the curriculum, none whatsoever. I do have problems teaching the above information as a replacement of the curriculum.

Your angle is that I never had to be afraid to be White in America. What are you talking about? Growing up outside Cleveland, I was acutely aware of the Mob Wars. I remember when Cleveland, Ohio was known as Bomb City U.S.A. When I went to Cleveland State University, I was very cognizant of the crime statistics in Cleveland, one of the 10 most dangerous cities in America.

Since Columbine, mass shooting events have seen a majority of white victims. - Reuters

When did I learn that governments in the South were corrupt against basically everyone but the rich? When I was 4.

When I went to graduate school, I attended Mankato State University (now Minnesota State). What does that have to do with anything? Mankato was the site of the largest Mass Execution in American History. In 1862, the Federal Government executed 38 Native Americans for their part in the U.S.-Dakota War. Do yourself a favor and look up the "trial."

You can take the same map above and replace the word Black with Indian.

When Native Americans Were Slaughtered - History

You can take the same map above and replace the word Black with Hispanic.

The Long History of Latinos Killed by the Police - Time

Defunding the police does not solve the sins of the past.

You want an Native American Homeland? I've said it before I don't have a problem with that.

You want a Black Homeland? I've said it before I don't have a problem with that, either.

When the Covid Outbreak first broke, I read about it being a Black Genocide. But now that we have over a year's worth of data, you now know the Covid Death Statistics:

50% White (60% of Population)

29% Hispanic (19%)

12% Black (13%)

5% Multiple Races (3%)

3% Asian (6%)

1% Native American (1%)

You can clearly see there was no Black Specific Genocide in relation to Covid. My argument in response to the map at the top of the article is look how far we've come as a nation since Tulsa.

The Left's Argument is:

"Acknowledge your privilege. Good for you if you rose from a poor background to achieve success. Don’t tell us you did it “all on your own.” You did it without anyone trying to block your path, deny you access to places of power, then diminish you once you’ve walked through the door. Privilege is real. Not faulting you for it. Just don’t use it in some kind of “bootstraps” argument. You may be speaking with someone who had no boots." - Roy S. Johnson of the Alabama Media Group

If you want real solutions for past transgressions, I will listen to those. But what is happening today is Rich Privilege, not White Privilege. I've said it before and I'll say it again: There are no Black Billionaires in a Racist Nation.

Again, we are not talking about a century ago, we are talking about today. If you want to build generational wealth, you don't tear down statues of Jefferson Davis. The solution that no one talks about is marriage rates. If Blacks and Whites had similar marriage rates and had similar numbers of children born into two parent households, many disparities in income would shrink, if not disappear.

But I'm no Bible-thumper. A gay couple wants to adopt a child? If that couple stays together, that child will monetarily have the same advantages as a straight couple that stays together. More sinister, though, is having children within the sacrament of marriage (any marriage) is now being portrayed as white privilege.

How do you convince more Blacks to raise children in two parent households? Ahhhhh......

White privilege has quietly become a simple code word for Christianity.


The two party system exists for the benefit of politicians being elected, period. If you tear the two party system down to the ground, and then rebuild parties based on ideas, instead of parties morphing with the candidates, there can be accountability. The rich have flooded the two party system with dark money. Every time there are caps placed on the parties, they circumvent the rules and squeeze out minor parties in varying ways. Review the massacres above, both parties were there for every single one of those. You deplatform the Republicans and the Democrats and dismantle their mechanisms of power. You just brought to justice two entities directly tied to history.

If you defund the police, you invite anarchy. If you defund the guilty political parties, you have a chance at real change because new ones with 21st century ideas will spring up in their place.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes in the Green New Deal? She can head to the Green Party.

Rand Paul supposedly believes in the Libertarian ideas of his father? He can head to the Libertarian Party.

Bernie Sanders can test his brand of Socialism in the Socialist Party.

The Republicans can rebuild their brand under Trump's business first Patriot Party or Romney's limited government tenants of the Loyalist Party.

The Democrats can do the same under Biden's big government National Party or Rashida Tlaib's government reparations based BLM Party. Once you have 8-10 parties that can potentially win local elections, you can vote for platforms that fit what you believe in, instead of voting against a fictional demon in the opposing party.

The Democrat and Republican Parties would become history and the citizen's power would shift to a more local based level than a national level. If you read the Constitution of the United States, local and state police are protected by the 10th Amendment. There are no protections for either of the Parties spelled out in the Constitution. As a matter of fact, the Founding Fathers had a disdain for political parties. Both the Tories and the Whigs in Great Britain established themselves in the late 1670's. The Founding Fathers were certainly aware of political parties at our nation's inception and found no reason to guarantee a party's existence in our Constitution.


Remember when I mentioned I went to Cleveland State? In order to graduate, I had to take two Urban Studies courses (Black History & Black Religion). Were those courses the forefathers of today's Critical Race Theory? I suppose so.

What's the danger of Critical Race Theory then? Now we come to the heart of the article. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us not to see race. Critical Race Theory teaches you to see race everywhere. Defunding the police is a far-left ideology with a supposed endgame of incarcerating less minorities. Guess what though? Going by the tenets of simple Libertarianism, you can decrease the prison population by decriminalizing most drugs, shrinking prison sentences for non-violent offenders, sentencing rehab instead of prison for drugs addicts, and de-incentivising private prisons.

Yet the Defund the Police crowd isn't handing out Libertarian brochures. It's because they want big government to redistribute the wealth of America in order to correct the sins of the past. What is asinine about that view is that if you really think America is Institutionally Racist, why in the world would you want to give more power to the institution?

And who runs the institutions in America? The rich. If the rich convince you to hate your neighbor because of race, they win. Because if you hated the rich instead of your neighbor, they'd be out of power. Defunding political parties is the first step in usurping the rich's power.

Defunding the police means you get rising crime rates and then your city hires "security forces" while telling you that they're not police.

Listen, you want to really reform the police?

Abolish Qualified Immunity -

Abolish Police Unions -

Ban Police Chokeholds - NPR

De-Arm the Police - The Atlantic

Privatize the Police -

There are a lot of ideas out there if you look even a little bit.

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