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Don't You Have a Back (and Leg) Injury? Part III

Tiger Woods' bad driving skills were on display again this week....

What? Too soon? I swore to myself that I was done writing about Tiger Woods after last year's Don't You Have a Back Injury? Part II.

  1. Listen, Golf is not a Sport. It is a recreational event, with cash rewards, that people watch. If Tiger really played "sports" he would have retired before his 5th back surgery last year. No 45 year old is still playing sports with his injury history.

  2. "Cops say (yesterday's accident) was 'purely an accident' and insist he wasn't drunk or impaired. But they did admit that they did NOT do any alcohol or drug tests." - The Daily Mail UK

  3. "Tiger Woods was running late to meet up with Saints' QB Drew Brees before crash." -

My beef with Tiger Woods is simple. He is a billionaire who talks out of both sides of his mouth. He wants privacy, then at every turn he's trying to increase revenue streams and meets with the most powerful people in the world. After his accident, both Barack Obama and Donald Trump sent the golf legend their personal well wishes.

Tiger himself should go ahead and take this opportunity to step away from the limelight. He can officially retire.

Every story about Tiger reiterates how much he hates fame and how much he values privacy. If his golf career is over, he doesn't have to go to New York or L.A. anymore. No more excursions to the White House. No more commercials. No more meetings with famous NFL players.

You're officially free. With a billion dollars, you can disappear.


Tiger can now putter around the golf course in a cart with other seniors. He can still sell his image for millions of dollars without leaving the comfort of his living room. He can make his own dreams come true by never lifting a golf club again. He now has a built in excuse.

But that's what he's selling you. What he really doesn't want to do is to be an ambassador of the sport. He doesn't like the fans. He wants to mingle with 1%'ers and have the 99% leave him alone.

And that kids, is called Rich Privilege.

How can I be so sure? Just last month, CNN was promoting the New Tiger Woods documentary when one of Tiger's best friends replied, in the headline "Tiger is not going to like this sh*t at all."

So if Tiger disappears, you'll know that he's true to his word and Fred Hunt is just another angry blogger. If Tiger goes on a media blitz with a comeback and 20 more years of moving and shaking, you'll know that he's just a phoney baloney that just wants YOU to leave him alone. He'll keep the perks of Rich Privilege.


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